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Final Rush (いっせい Ikki Kasei, literally "Instant Overwhelm") is a keyword introduced in D Start Deck 02: Danji Momoyama -Tyrant Tiger-. It is exclusive to the Dark States nation, used by Danji Momoyama.

How It Works

  • Whenever a vanguard's "Final Rush" is declared, the master of that unit enters the "Final Rush" state, and remains that way until end of turn. While the "Final Rush" state does not have effects in and of itself, certain effects require the player to be in "Final Rush" to activate.
  • Once the player is in "Final Rush", that player remains that way even after changing their vanguard.

List of Cards that Activate "Final Rush"

List of Cards with Effects that Activate While in "Final Rush"


  • This is the first state that is given to the player instead of units.
  • The English name could be inspired by the phrase "Final Turn".
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