Original V Series

The winner is absolute and the loser is worthless.

—Official motto

The Foo Fighter Organization, also known as "Team Foo Fighter" and "Team Asteroid" (in the English version, due to potential copyright issues), is a large-scale gang of delinquent Cardfighters who terrorize card shops and other Cardfighters, led by Ren Suzugamori and Tetsu Shinjou.


Team Foo Fighter (sometimes abbreviated as FF) was founded by Ren Suzugamori and Tetsu Shinjou several years before the events of the Cardfight!! Vanguard (V Series Anime). After meeting Toshiki Kai, they offered him a place in the team, which he accepted.

The team continued with three members for some time, until Ren (now under the influence of PSY Qualia) decided to expand the team by commissioning the construction of a large headquarters with the intention to gather many skilled Cardfighters under his leadership. Kai objected to this plan and ultimately left the team after being unable to persuade Ren to stop. Ren continued with his plan, recruiting an increasing number of followers including Asaka Narumi and Kyou Yahagi.


The members of Foo Fighter are trained to value strength and skill at Cardfighting above all else. Failure is not tolerated, with members who lose matches being treated harshly, even to the point of expulsion from the team. Unlike its original counterpart, the V Series version of this organization uses specially-created VF Gloves that greatly shock the fighter wearing them whenever they take damage during a fight. These gloves are used during training at the Foo Fighter Headquarters, as well as during "serious fights". These "serious fights" tend to happen at card shops, where the Foo Fighter representative challenges a shop's strongest fighter to a "serious fight", and if the Foo Fighter wins, they take over the shop, usually leaving the shop vandalized during their stay.

Unknown to most of the normal members of the Foo Fighters, the organization has an interest in PSY Qualia. Led by Tetsu, they use the VF Gloves to force a fighter to reach a certain point of desperation, which would trigger the PSY Qualia to activate. However, due to how rare PSY Qualia actually is, the only person Tetsu can currently study is Ren.

Notable Members

The Foo Fighter Organization has different tiers of Cardfighters, with the top Cardfighters in the organization forming teams of their own that showcases their strength.

Apex Limited 4

The strongest fighters within the organization, led by Ren himself.

Second Limited 3

A team made up of the strongest fighters after AL4.

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