"Raging Clash of the Blade Fangs" is the 10th G Booster Set released in the Japanese and English formats.





Card List

Card No. Name Grade Clan Type Rarity
G-BT10/001 Draganger, Ogma 4 Shadow Paladin GR+SGR
G-BT10/002 Favorite Champ, Victor 4 Nova Grappler GR+SGR
G-BT10/003 Holy Dragon, Luminous Hope Dragon 4 Royal Paladin RRR+SP
G-BT10/004 Golden Knight of Gleaming Fang, Garmore 4 Gold Paladin RRR+SP
G-BT10/005 Holy Sword of Heavenly Law, Gurguit 4 Gold Paladin RRR+SP
G-BT10/006 Golden Holy Sword, Gurguit 3 Gold Paladin RRR+SP
G-BT10/007 Great Emperor Dragon, Gaia Dynast 4 Tachikaze RRR+SP
G-BT10/008 Rogue Deity of the Third Realm, Yasuie Gouma 4 Murakumo RRR+SP
G-BT10/009 Exxcessive Battler, Victor 3 Nova Grappler RRR+SP
G-BT10/010 Governing Flower Princess, Selfina 4 Neo Nectar RRR+SP
G-BT10/011 Belial Owl 0 Shadow Paladin Critical RR
G-BT10/012 Knight of Daylight, Kinarius 2 Gold Paladin RR
G-BT10/013 Holy Mage, Alessia 1 Gold Paladin RR+SP
G-BT10/014 Cliff Authority Retainer, Blockade Ganga 4 Tachikaze RR
G-BT10/015 Frenzy Emperor Dragon, Gaia Desperado 3 Tachikaze RR+SP
G-BT10/016 Conflagration Dragon, Gigant Flame 2 Tachikaze RR
G-BT10/017 Ambush Demon Stealth Dragon, Hyakki Zora Asougi 4 Murakumo RR
G-BT10/018 Stealth Rogue of the Trial, Yasuie 3 Murakumo RR+SP
G-BT10/019 Stealth Rogue of Envy, Ikyuu 2 Murakumo RR
G-BT10/020 Sonne Blaukluger 4 Nova Grappler RR
G-BT10/021 Meteokaiser, Unior 4 Nova Grappler RR+SP
G-BT10/022 Vollmond Blaukluger 3 Nova Grappler RR
G-BT10/023 Holy Dragon, Attract Rune Dragon 4 Royal Paladin R
G-BT10/024 Knight of Encouragement, Hallborn 1 Royal Paladin R
G-BT10/025 Dark Dragon, Animus Pile Dragon 4 Shadow Paladin R
G-BT10/026 Evil Refuser Dragon 1 Shadow Paladin R
G-BT10/027 Golden Dragon, Build Peak Dragon 4 Gold Paladin R
G-BT10/028 Teaching Knight, Hudon 3 Gold Paladin R
G-BT10/029 Super Ancient Dragon, Burn Geryon 4 Tachikaze R
G-BT10/030 Destruction Tyrant, Fullblade Rex 4 Tachikaze R
G-BT10/031 Savage Sorcerer 3 Tachikaze R
G-BT10/032 Savage Mystique 1 Tachikaze R
G-BT10/033 Covert Demonic Dragon, Hyakki Zora 3 Murakumo R
G-BT10/034 Stealth Dragon, Fudoublast 2 Murakumo R
G-BT10/035 Pressured Stealth Rogue, Sarashina-hime 2 Murakumo R
G-BT10/036 Loveholic Stealth Rogue, Tamanoi 1 Murakumo R
G-BT10/037 Vertex Giant, Moai The Supreme 4 Nova Grappler R
G-BT10/038 Uranus Blaukluger 2 Nova Grappler R
G-BT10/039 Bare Knuckle, Arnest 2 Nova Grappler R
G-BT10/040 Extreme Battler, Banguet 1 Nova Grappler R
G-BT10/041 Defending Goddess 1 Nova Grappler R
G-BT10/042 Sacred Tree Dragon, Resonate Dragon 4 Neo Nectar R
G-BT10/043 Charming Maiden, Nicola 2 Neo Nectar R
G-BT10/044 Heat Elemental, Bobo 2 Cray Elemental R
G-BT10/045 Knight of the Crescent Moon, Gratia 3 Royal Paladin C
G-BT10/046 Waterback Knight, Le Meace 2 Royal Paladin C
G-BT10/047 Plasgal 0 Royal Paladin C
G-BT10/048 Knight of Scramble, Edern 3 Shadow Paladin C
G-BT10/049 Knight of Selection, Fergus 2 Shadow Paladin C
G-BT10/050 Dragwizard, Midir 1 Shadow Paladin C
G-BT10/051 Fractious Knight, Aldan 0 Shadow Paladin C
G-BT10/052 Dragwizard, Llyr 0 Shadow Paladin Draw C
G-BT10/053 Holy Mage, Rossa 2 Gold Paladin C
G-BT10/054 Liberator, Stiletto Hawk 2 Gold Paladin C
G-BT10/055 Holy Mage, Marlene 2 Gold Paladin C
G-BT10/056 Chaesgal Liberator 1 Gold Paladin C
G-BT10/057 Burnegal Liberator 1 Gold Paladin C
G-BT10/058 Flashing Glint Knight 0 Gold Paladin Critical C
G-BT10/059 Explorer of Good News 0 Gold Paladin Draw C
G-BT10/060 Swordhorn Dragon, Scathrex 3 Tachikaze C
G-BT10/061 Savage Head 3 Tachikaze C
G-BT10/062 Steel Bullet Dragon, Barragerex 2 Tachikaze C
G-BT10/063 Ancient Dragon, Hylaeon Pike 2 Tachikaze C
G-BT10/064 Rusher Erasmo 2 Tachikaze C
G-BT10/065 Cataclysmic Bullet Dragon, Raptrex 1 Tachikaze C
G-BT10/066 Fullfire Elk 1 Tachikaze C
G-BT10/067 Savage Lancer 1 Tachikaze C
G-BT10/068 Ancient Dragon, Pterakid 0 Tachikaze C
G-BT10/069 Rupture Dragon, Minirex 0 Tachikaze C
G-BT10/070 Child Dragon, Dinobaby 0 Tachikaze C
G-BT10/071 Savage Notice 0 Tachikaze Draw C
G-BT10/072 Aid Styraco 0 Tachikaze Heal C
G-BT10/073 Ancient Dragon, Dinodile 0 Tachikaze Critical C
G-BT10/074 Louder Ammonite 0 Tachikaze Stand C
G-BT10/075 Scheming Stealth Rogue, Taemahime 3 Murakumo C
G-BT10/076 Stealth Fiend, Murder Andon 2 Murakumo C
G-BT10/077 Stealth Dragon, Katonslayer 2 Murakumo C
G-BT10/078 Stealth Rogue of Nirvana, Yaegaki 1 Murakumo C
G-BT10/079 Stealth Dragon, Senryou Raid 1 Murakumo C
G-BT10/080 Stealth Fiend, Watayuki 1 Murakumo C
G-BT10/081 Stealth Fiend, Umbredanuki 1 Murakumo C
G-BT10/082 Stealth Dragon, Hitodama Handler 0 Murakumo C
G-BT10/083 Robust Stealth Rogue, Terukage 0 Murakumo C
G-BT10/084 Stealth Beast, Sting Wolf 0 Murakumo Critical C
G-BT10/085 Stealth Rogue Courtesan, Agemaki 0 Murakumo Draw C
G-BT10/086 Stealth Beast, Oyama Cat 0 Murakumo Heal C
G-BT10/087 Stealth Fiend, Dart Spider 0 Murakumo Stand C
G-BT10/088 Quad Gigas 3 Nova Grappler C
G-BT10/089 Saturn Blaukluger 2 Nova Grappler C
G-BT10/090 Spurt Centaur 2 Nova Grappler C
G-BT10/091 Magical Spinner 2 Nova Grappler C
G-BT10/092 Venus Blaukluger 1 Nova Grappler C
G-BT10/093 Neptune Blaukluger 1 Nova Grappler C
G-BT10/094 Furious Puncher 1 Nova Grappler C
G-BT10/095 Clay-doll Chariot 1 Nova Grappler C
G-BT10/096 Petit Ace 0 Nova Grappler C
G-BT10/097 Mega Hammer Lady 0 Nova Grappler Draw C
G-BT10/098 Toughness Jane 0 Nova Grappler Heal C
G-BT10/099 Red Lightning 0 Nova Grappler Critical C
G-BT10/100 Extreme Battler Kachiwall 0 Nova Grappler Stand C
G-BT10/101 Alstroemeria Flower Maiden, Elana 3 Neo Nectar C
G-BT10/102 Assistance Maiden, Lucie 1 Neo Nectar C
G-BT10/103 Maiden of Cucumber 1 Neo Nectar C
G-BT10/104 Ringer Paprika 0 Neo Nectar C
G-BT10/S13 Emperor Dragon, Gaia Emperor 3 Tachikaze SP
G-BT10/S14 Prism Bird 1 Tachikaze SP
G-BT10/S15 Cannon Fire Dragon, Parasaulauncher 0 Tachikaze Critical SP
G-BT10/S16 Ambush Demon Stealth Rogue, Yasuie Tenma 4 Murakumo SP
G-BT10/S17 Stealth Rogue of Revelation, Yasuie 3 Murakumo SP
G-BT10/S18 Gateway Stealth Rogue, Ataka 1 Murakumo SP
G-BT10/S19 Meteokaiser, Victor 4 Nova Grappler SP
G-BT10/S20 Exxtreme Battler, Victor 3 Nova Grappler SP
G-BT10/S21 Extreme Battler, Arashid 1 Nova Grappler SP
G-BT10/Re:01 Supremacy Black Dragon, Aurageyser Dragon 4 Shadow Paladin RRR
G-BT10/Re:02 Wolf Fang Liberator, Garmore 3 Gold Paladin RRR
G-BT10/Re:03 Galaxy Blaukluger 3 Nova Grappler RRR
G-BT10/Re:04 Blau Dunkelheit 1 Nova Grappler RRR

Clan/Grade Breakdown

ClanGrade 0Grade 1Grade 2Grade 3Grade 4Total
Royal Paladin 1 1 1 1 2 6
Shadow Paladin 3 2 1 1 2(+1) 9(+1)
Gold Paladin 2 3 4 2(+1) 3 14(+1)
Tachikaze 7(+1) 4(+1) 4 4(+1) 4 23(+3)
Murakumo 6 5(+1) 5 3(+1) 2(+1) 21(+3)
Nova Grappler 5 6(+2) 5 3(+2) 4(+1) 23(+5)
Neo Nectar 0 2 1 1 2 7
Cray Elemental - - 1 - - 1


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