"Demonic Advent" is the 11th G Booster Set released in the Japanese and English formats.





Card List

Card No. Name Grade Clan Type Rarity
G-BT11/001 Holy Divine Knight, Gancelot Peace Saver 4 Royal Paladin GR+SGR
G-BT11/002 Metapulsar, Mystery-freeze Dragon 4 Gear Chronicle GR+SGR
G-BT11/003 Divine Knight of Valor, Halbwachs 4 Royal Paladin RRR+SP
G-BT11/004 Goddess of Investigation, Ishtar 4 Genesis RRR+SP
G-BT11/005 Prime Beauty, Amaruda 3 Genesis RRR+SP
G-BT11/006 Flare Arms, Ziegenburg 4 Kagero RRR+SP
G-BT11/007 Dragonic Blademaster "Kouen" 3 Kagero RRR+SP
G-BT11/008 Enma Stealth Rogue, Mujinlord 4 Nubatama RRR+SP
G-BT11/009 One who Splits Darkness, Bledermaus 4 Dark Irregulars RRR+SP
G-BT11/010 One who Scatters Sin, Scharhrot 3 Dark Irregulars RRR+SP
G-BT11/011 Metapulsar, Avenir Phoenix 4 Gear Chronicle RRR+SP
G-BT11/012 Maiden of Divine Spring, Lien 1 Royal Paladin Sentinel RR
G-BT11/013 Witch Queen of Congratulation, Nasturtium 4 Genesis RR
G-BT11/014 Dark Wolf that Hunts Deities, Fenrir 3 Genesis RR
G-BT11/015 Goddess of Fort, Kibitsuhime 1 Genesis Sentinel RR+SP
G-BT11/016 ‎Flare Trooper, Dumjid 1 Kagero RR+SP
G-BT11/017 Enma Stealth Dragon, Maguntenbu 4 Nubatama RR
G-BT11/018 Rikudo Stealth Dragon, Gehourakan 4 Nubatama RR
G-BT11/019 Stealth Dragon, Fuurai 2 Nubatama RR
G-BT11/020 Stealth Dragon, Utsuroi 1 Nubatama RR+SP
G-BT11/021 Amon's Red Eye, Forneus 4 Dark Irregulars RR
G-BT11/022 Closet Balloon 1 Dark Irregulars RR
G-BT11/023 Pulsar, Drastic Colossus 3 Gear Chronicle RR
G-BT11/024 Pulsar, Cruising Dragon 2 Gear Chronicle RR
G-BT11/025 Little Great Sage, Marron 4 Royal Paladin R
G-BT11/026 New Style Blaster, Llew 3 Royal Paladin R
G-BT11/027 Goddess of Twill, Tagwoot 4 Genesis R
G-BT11/028 Witch of Pure Star, Anis 3 Genesis R
G-BT11/029 Goddess of Favorable Wind, Ninnil 2 Genesis R
G-BT11/030 Witch of Aster, Star 2 Genesis R
G-BT11/031 Witch of Fruit of Knowledge, Rooibos 1 Genesis R
G-BT11/032 Helldeity Seal Dragon, Granitcross 4 Kagero R
G-BT11/033 Divine Dragon Knight, Abd Salam 4 Kagero R
G-BT11/034 Dragon Knight, Mbudi 2 Kagero R
G-BT11/035 Seal Dragon Prison Guard, Atar 1 Kagero R
G-BT11/036 Rikudo Stealth Rogue, Kurehalord 4 Nubatama R
G-BT11/037 Stealth Dragon, Tenrei 1 Nubatama R
G-BT11/038 Sorrowful Slice, Lujairus 4 Dark Irregulars R
G-BT11/039 Cryptid Gnaw Liege, Sabnac 4 Dark Irregulars R
G-BT11/040 Amon's Eye, Agares 3 Dark Irregulars R
G-BT11/041 Covetous Succubus 2 Dark Irregulars R
G-BT11/042 Brennen Vampir 2 Dark Irregulars R
G-BT11/043 Wertiger Jaeger 1 Dark Irregulars R
G-BT11/044 Amon's Vallation, Bufstare 1 Dark Irregulars R
G-BT11/045 Pulsar Tamer, Manish 2 Gear Chronicle R
G-BT11/046 Pulsar, Transit Dragon 1 Gear Chronicle R
G-BT11/047 Pulsar, Revolver Dracokid 1 Gear Chronicle R
G-BT11/048 Pulsar Tamer, Dagan 1 Gear Chronicle R
G-BT11/049 Aspire Painter 2 Royal Paladin C
G-BT11/050 Knight of Pulsation, Starius 1 Royal Paladin C
G-BT11/051 Arongal 0 Royal Paladin Critical C
G-BT11/052 Battle Maiden, Senri 2 Genesis C
G-BT11/053 Multitask Angel 2 Genesis C
G-BT11/054 Goddess of Transitory, Awanami 1 Genesis C
G-BT11/055 Detect Angel 1 Genesis C
G-BT11/056 Myth Guard, Markab 1 Genesis C
G-BT11/057 Black-feathered Witch, Stevia 0 Genesis C
G-BT11/058 Goddess of Headwater, Nakisawame 0 Genesis C
G-BT11/059 Wraith Witch, Sorel 0 Genesis Critical C
G-BT11/060 Teabreak Angel 0 Genesis Heal C
G-BT11/061 Transport Harpy 0 Genesis Draw C
G-BT11/062 Drip Witch, Rosemary 0 Genesis Stand C
G-BT11/063 Seal Dragon, Seersucker 3 Kagero C
G-BT11/064 Wyvern Strike, Jaugo 3 Kagero C
G-BT11/065 Dragon Knight, Shakur 2 Kagero C
G-BT11/066 Seal Dragon, Grograin 2 Kagero C
G-BT11/067 Wyvern Strike, Heineger 2 Kagero C
G-BT11/068 Dragon Knight, Tahir 1 Kagero C
G-BT11/069 Dragon Monk, Shinsen 1 Kagero C
G-BT11/070 Seal Dragon, Birdseye 1 Kagero C
G-BT11/071 Wyvernkid, Deidda 0 Kagero C
G-BT11/072 Muzzle Flash Dragon 0 Kagero Critical C
G-BT11/073 Dragon Monk, Kikira 0 Kagero Heal C
G-BT11/074 Seal Dragon, Artpique 0 Kagero Draw C
G-BT11/075 Dragon Dancer, Nilda 0 Kagero Stand C
G-BT11/076 Remarkable Stealth Rogue, Morishige 3 Nubatama C
G-BT11/077 Demon Stealth Rogue, Kassen Myouou 3 Nubatama C
G-BT11/078 Stealth Beast, Uzuitachi 2 Nubatama C
G-BT11/079 Tempest Stealth Rogue, Fuuki 1 Nubatama C
G-BT11/080 Stealth Dragon, Tengai 1 Nubatama C
G-BT11/081 Aggressive Stealth Rogue, Cheenah 0 Nubatama Draw C
G-BT11/082 Hardworking Stealth Rogue, Torasada 0 Nubatama Critical C
G-BT11/083 Stealth Fiend, Daruma Collapse 0 Nubatama Stand C
G-BT11/084 Spread Arson 3 Dark Irregulars C
G-BT11/085 Amon's Follower, Audios Thunder 2 Dark Irregulars C
G-BT11/086 Big Shaker 2 Dark Irregulars C
G-BT11/087 Amon's Follower, Hateful Cyclone 1 Dark Irregulars C
G-BT11/088 Listig Vampir 1 Dark Irregulars C
G-BT11/089 Deranged Singular 0 Dark Irregulars C
G-BT11/090 Emotional Succubus 0 Dark Irregulars Heal C
G-BT11/091 Dark Knight of Nightmareland 0 Dark Irregulars Critical C
G-BT11/092 Hysteric Shirley 0 Dark Irregulars Draw C
G-BT11/093 Werkatze Rekrut 0 Dark Irregulars Stand C
G-BT11/094 Pulsar, Replenish Coatl 3 Gear Chronicle C
G-BT11/095 Pulsar, Valve Laser Dragon 2 Gear Chronicle C
G-BT11/096 Pulsar, Rewind Tiger 2 Gear Chronicle C
G-BT11/097 Pulsar, Nibble Rat 1 Gear Chronicle C
G-BT11/098 Pulsar, Bling Hawk 1 Gear Chronicle C
G-BT11/099 Pulsar, Sentry Dracokid 0 Gear Chronicle C
G-BT11/100 Pulsar, Slash Dog 0 Gear Chronicle Critical C
G-BT11/101 Pulsar, Fickle Monkey 0 Gear Chronicle Draw C
G-BT11/102 Pulsar Tamer, Annem 0 Gear Chronicle Heal C
G-BT11/103 Pulsar Tamer, Mara 0 Gear Chronicle Stand C
G-BT11/104 Earth Elemental, Connell 1 Cray Elemental C
G-BT11/S13 Maiden of Divine Spring, Lien 1 Royal Paladin SP
G-BT11/S14 Little Great Sage, Marron 4 Royal Paladin SP
G-BT11/S15 New Style Blaster, Llew 3 Royal Paladin SP
G-BT11/S16 Divine Knight King, Alfred Holy Saver 4 Royal Paladin SP
G-BT11/S17 Blaster Blade Exceed 3 Royal Paladin SP
G-BT11/S18 Wingal Youth 1 Royal Paladin SP
G-BT11/S19 Enma Stealth Dragon, Maguntenbu 4 Nubatama SP
G-BT11/S20 Stealth Dragon, Shiranui 3 Nubatama SP
G-BT11/S21 Stealth Dragon, Noroi 0 Nubatama Critical SP
G-BT11/S22 Demon Stealth Dragon, Shiranui "Oboro" 3 Nubatama SP
G-BT11/S23 Rikudo Stealth Dragon, Tsukumorakan 4 Nubatama SP
G-BT11/S24 Closet Balloon 1 Dark Irregulars SP
G-BT11/S25 Covetous Succubus 2 Dark Irregulars SP
G-BT11/S26 Wertiger Jaeger 1 Dark Irregulars SP
G-BT11/S27 One Steeped in Sin, Scharhrot 4 Dark Irregulars SP
G-BT11/S28 Scharhrot Vampir 3 Dark Irregulars SP
G-BT11/S29 Divine Dragon Knight, Abd Salam 4 Kagero SP
G-BT11/S30 Dragon Knight, Mbudi 2 Kagero SP
G-BT11/S31 Supreme Heavenly Emperor Dragon, Dragonic Blademaster "Taiten" 4 Kagero SP
G-BT11/S32 Dragonic Blademaster 3 Kagero SP
G-BT11/S33 Dark Wolf that Hunts Deities, Fenrir 3 Genesis SP
G-BT11/S34 Goddess of Twill, Tagwoot 4 Genesis SP
G-BT11/S35 Goddess of Favorable Wind, Ninnil 2 Genesis SP
G-BT11/S36 Mythical Hellsky Beast, Fenrir 4 Genesis SP
G-BT11/Re:01 Witch Queen of Holy Water, Clove 4 Genesis RRR
G-BT11/Re:02 Stealth Dragon, Shiranui 3 Nubatama RRR
G-BT11/Re:03 Stealth Dragon, Noroi 0 Nubatama Critical RRR

Clan/Grade Breakdown

ClanGrade 0Grade 1Grade 2Grade 3Grade 4Total
Royal Paladin 1 2 (+2) 1 1 (+2) 3 (+2) 8 (+6)
Genesis 6 5 4 (+1) 3 (+1) 3 (+3) 21 (+5)
Kagero 5 5 4 (+1) 3 (+1) 3 (+2) 20 (+4)
Nubatama 3 (+2) 4 2 2 (+3) 4 (+2) 15 (+7)
Dark Irregulars 5 5 (+2) 4 (+1) 3 (+1) 4 (+1) 21 (+5)
Gear Chronicle 5 5 4 2 2 18
Cray Elemental 0 1 0 0 0 1

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