Reunion, and Thenー is the eighteenth chapter of the Cardfight!! Vanguard G: Stride Generation manga, first published in Monthly Bushiroad magazine and later collected in Cardfight!! Vanguard G: Stride Generation Volume 3.


As Chrono opens the door, he finds the Chameleon Fighter sitting before a pile of cards in his living room. When asked why he was here, Riku casually says that he is building a new Oracle Think Tank deck. In his surprised state, Chrono immediately heads to the phone to call the police but the phone starts ringing as he approaches it. Picking up the phone, he is met by the voice of his aunt. Apparently, the orphanage Chrono had previously been in was having a sudden renovation as such the children were having a hard time finding accommodation. Since Riku was Chrono's 'friend' he would be staying with Chrono for a while. As Riku leaves to go to sleep, he sinisterly says that he intends to dominate Gear Chronicle, taking Chrono's room.

The next morning, Chrono cooks dinner, annoyed that he had to clean up after Riku last night. Thinking that Riku was still asleep, he barges into his room only to find that Riku had already left.

Once again, Chrono meets Tokoha and Shion in the school corridor but he is promptly ignored as they continue on. Even when he tries to approach them, they excuse themselves and leave. A dispirited Chrono is surprised when, Riku greets him from behind wearing the same school uniform, having recently transferred in. Riku follows Chrono as the latter tries to think of a way to get his friends spirits back up. Listening to Riku complain about the two gives Chrono an idea which he immediately takes action on. Pushing Riku into a nearby classroom, Chrono confronts the two again. He challenges Shion to a cardfight suggesting that they switch there decks for the fight. Meanwhile Tokoha becomes quite shocked when Kumi points out Riku who was watching from the sidelines.

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Royal Paladin

Nova Grappler

Gear Chronicle

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