"Commander of the Incessant Waves" is the 2nd G Clan Booster released in the Japanese and English formats.


  • Includes 40 cards (1 GR, 4 RRR, 7 RR, 12 R and 16 C) + 6 SP (Parallel) cards.
  • There are 39 new cards + 1 reprint.
  • Includes further support for the Aqua Force clan.
  • Introduces the keyword "Wave".




Card List

Card No. Name Grade Clan Type Rarity
G-CB02/001 Storm Dominator, Commander Thavas 4 Aqua Force GR
G-CB02/002 Blue Wave Marshal Dragon, Tetra-boil Dragon 4 Aqua Force RRR+SP
G-CB02/003 Blue Wave Dragon, Anger-boil Dragon 3 Aqua Force RRR+SP
G-CB02/004 Blue Storm Dragon, Maelstrom 3 Aqua Force RRR+SP
G-CB02/005 Jockey of the Great Sea, Skyros 3 Aqua Force RRR+SP
G-CB02/006 Surging Ripple, Prodromos 4 Aqua Force RR
G-CB02/007 Blue Wave Marine General, Foivos 2 Aqua Force RR
G-CB02/008 Battle Siren, Adelaide 2 Aqua Force RR
G-CB02/009 Blue Wave Soldier, Bright Shooter 1 Aqua Force RR
G-CB02/010 Blue Storm Battle Princess, Theta 1 Aqua Force RR
G-CB02/011 Blue Storm Shield, Homerus 1 Aqua Force RR+SP
G-CB02/012 Kelpie Rider, Petros 0 Aqua Force Critical RR
G-CB02/013 Rolling Ripple, Miltiadis 3 Aqua Force R
G-CB02/014 Titan of the Trench Patrol 3 Aqua Force R
G-CB02/015 Wavehunt Sailor 2 Aqua Force R
G-CB02/016 Marine General of the Sonic Speed, Nektarios 2 Aqua Force R
G-CB02/017 Couple Dagger Sailor 2 Aqua Force R
G-CB02/018 Blue Storm Battle Princess, Lynpia 2 Aqua Force R
G-CB02/019 Penguin Soldier of the Blue Storm Fleet 1 Aqua Force R
G-CB02/020 Battle Siren, Melania 1 Aqua Force R
G-CB02/021 Flash Ripple, Odysseus 1 Aqua Force R
G-CB02/022 Battle Siren, Cloris 1 Aqua Force R
G-CB02/023 Blue Wave Dragon, Dagger Master Dracokid 0 Aqua Force R
G-CB02/024 Blue Wave Soldier, Brutal Trooper 0 Aqua Force Critical R
G-CB02/025 Cobalt Neon Dragon 3 Aqua Force C
G-CB02/026 Blue Storm Marine General, Sebastian 3 Aqua Force C
G-CB02/027 Unruly Ripple, Lapis 2 Aqua Force C
G-CB02/028 Tear Knight, Timos 2 Aqua Force C
G-CB02/029 Battle Siren, Nicoletta 2 Aqua Force C
G-CB02/030 Recon-in-force Orca Soldier 2 Aqua Force C
G-CB02/031 Dispatch Mission Seagull Soldier 1 Aqua Force C
G-CB02/032 Violent Shooter 1 Aqua Force C
G-CB02/033 Mind-eye Sailor 1 Aqua Force C
G-CB02/034 Flash-roll Commando 1 Aqua Force C
G-CB02/035 Kelpie Rider, Mitros 0 Aqua Force C
G-CB02/036 Blue Storm Battleship, "Wadatsumi" 0 Aqua Force Critical C
G-CB02/037 Sea Otter Soldier of the Blue Storm Fleet 0 Aqua Force Draw C
G-CB02/038 Medical Officer of the Blue Storm Fleet 0 Aqua Force Heal C
G-CB02/039 Ripple of Demise, Orest 0 Aqua Force Critical C
G-CB02/040 Blue Storm Battle Princess, Doris 0 Aqua Force Stand C
G-CB02/S06 One Who Surpasses the Storm, Thavas 3 Aqua Force SP

Grade Breakdown

ClanGrade 0Grade 1Grade 2Grade 3Grade 4Total
Aqua Force 9 11 10 7(+1) 3 40(+1)

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