"Rondeau of Chaos and Salvation" is the 6th G Clan Booster released in the Japanese and English formats.





Card No. Name Grade Clan Type Rarity
G-CB06/001 Genesis Dragon, Harmonics Neo Messiah 4 Link Joker GR+SGR
G-CB06/002 Death Star-vader, Chaos Breaker Deluge 4 Link Joker GR+SGR
G-CB06/003 Genesis Dragon, Basaltis Messiah 4 Link Joker RRR+SP
G-CB06/004 Death Star-vader, "Omega Fall" Glendios 4 Link Joker RRR+SP
G-CB06/005 Death Star-vader, Glueball Dragon 4 Link Joker RRR+SP
G-CB06/006 Deliberate Deletor, Aodaien 4 Link Joker RRR+SP
G-CB06/007 Star-vader, Chaos Breaker Crisis 3 Link Joker RRR+SP
G-CB06/008 Darkjet Deletor, Greiend 3 Link Joker RRR+SP
G-CB06/009 Lady Fencer of Matter Transmission 2 Link Joker RR
G-CB06/010 Star-vader, Colony Maker 2 Link Joker RR
G-CB06/011 Star-vader, Strange Dragon 2 Link Joker RR
G-CB06/012 Globule Dober 1 Link Joker RR
G-CB06/013 Star-vader, Metonaxe Dragon 1 Link Joker RR
G-CB06/014 Prayer Child of Steady State Cosmo 1 Link Joker RR+SP
G-CB06/015 Iron Wall Star-vader, Thorium 1 Link Joker RR+SP
G-CB06/016 Remove Deletor, Igalga 1 Link Joker RR
G-CB06/017 Nebula Dragon, Cyclic Dragon 4 Link Joker R
G-CB06/018 Genesis Machine Deity, Desthergen 4 Link Joker R
G-CB06/019 Blaming Deletor, Ibiores 4 Link Joker R
G-CB06/020 Confront Deletor, Jagwokk 3 Link Joker R
G-CB06/021 Star-vader, Boseritter 3 Link Joker R
G-CB06/022 Star-vader, Crusgabel 2 Link Joker R
G-CB06/023 Star-vader, Globuladia 2 Link Joker R
G-CB06/024 Black Bullet of Iron Star, Photosphere 2 Link Joker R
G-CB06/025 Forbid Deletor, Zakuelad 2 Link Joker R
G-CB06/026 Star-vader, Spiral Arm 1 Link Joker R
G-CB06/027 Star-vader, Penrose Gate 1 Link Joker R
G-CB06/028 Dark Metal Chameleon 1 Link Joker R
G-CB06/029 Hire Deletor, Farwon 1 Link Joker R
G-CB06/030 Lady Gunner of the Neutron Star 3 Link Joker C
G-CB06/031 One who Bisects the Interstellar Gap 3 Link Joker C
G-CB06/032 Rapid Gunner of Degeneration 2 Link Joker C
G-CB06/033 Star-vader, Red Sprite Dragon 2 Link Joker C
G-CB06/034 Gravitate Turtle 1 Link Joker C
G-CB06/035 Abolition Star-vader, Neodymium 1 Link Joker C
G-CB06/036 Cosmosphere Cat 1 Link Joker C
G-CB06/037 Star-vader, Elgibs 1 Link Joker C
G-CB06/038 Flutter Deletor, Zuiije 0 Link Joker C
G-CB06/039 Star-vader, Planck Dracokid 0 Link Joker C
G-CB06/040 Star-vader, Magnetor Hedgehog 0 Link Joker Critical C
G-CB06/041 Star-vader, Roche Wave 0 Link Joker Stand C
G-CB06/042 Star-vader, Ether Looper 0 Link Joker Heal C
G-CB06/043 Star-vader, Paradigm Shift Dragon 0 Link Joker Critical C
G-CB06/044 Star-vader, Quark Shoebill 0 Link Joker Draw C
G-CB06/045 Rendering Deletor, Efames 0 Link Joker Stand C
G-CB06/Re:01 Death Star-vader, Chaos Universe 4 Link Joker RRR
G-CB06/Re:02 Star-vader, Chaos Breaker Dragon 3 Link Joker RRR
G-CB06/Re:03 Flowers in Vacuum, Cosmo Wreath 1 Link Joker RRR
G-CB06/Re:04 Blink Messiah 0 Link Joker Critical RRR

Grade Breakdown

ClanGrade 0Grade 1Grade 2Grade 3Grade 4Total
Link Joker 8(+1) 13(+1) 9 6(+1) 9(+1) 45(+4)

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