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"Jaime Alcaraz" is the 10th episode of the Cardfight!! Vanguard G and the 206th of the Cardfight!! Vanguard Anime.


Chrono receives a quest from a foreigner, asking "guide me so I can learn more of Japan's Vanguard". When he arrives the spot of meeting, he meets an especially excited guy who calls himself Jaime Alcaraz.

Jaime and Chrono goes on a trip across the town, in which they ended up getting on a rickshaw. They encountered Shion in his limousine, and Jaime challenged the car to a race with their rickshaw, in which they win by the advantage of using the streets rather than compete with pure speed. Then they encountered Tokoha, which Jaime tried to flirt with her, ended up getting yelled by the green-haired girl.

While Chrono suspected that Jaime is not interested in cardfight at all, both of them meet two boys, in which one of them challenged the other to a cardfight, in which the latter decline due to his rival being "very weak". Jaime baited them to cardfight by using the candies he got at the stalls when he and Chrono were sightseeing.

The cardfight ensues, in which the challenger is using Raizers, while the other is using Brawlers. By using Tankraizer's effect, it is prevented from being retired by Brawler, Skybeat Dragon's Legion skill, and the game ends with Phoenixraizer Drill-wing Legioned with Phoenixraizer Flame-wing dealing the final blow.

After the game ends, then Jaime explained to Chrono that people can become 'Amigos' (Spanish for "friends") by a cardfight. After seeing Chrono's Gear Chronicle deck, Jaime is determined to fight him, only to be halted by Mamoru Anjou. The three protagonists knew who Jaime is eventually; Shion by reading a tablet, Tokoha by reading a magazine, and Chrono by being told by Mamoru - that Jaime is a representative cardfighter from the Euro League, and he is specially invited by the Japanese Vanguard Association to Japan.



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