"Chrono VS Shion" is the 33rd Episode of Cardfight!! Vanguard G and the 229th Episode of Cardfight!! Vanguard Anime.


Shion decides to quit Vanguard to complete his mission alone as the heir to the Kiba estate. However, Chrono and Tokoha's words do not reach Shion, and Chrono finds himself frustrated at Shion as a result.

In order to persuade Shion back to play vanguard, both Chrono and Tokoha arrives at Shion's residence. After seeing how big Shion's house is, they began to tremble nervously, and as a result, they were unable to push the intercom. While both of them decided that they should look around once more, the gate suddenly open, revealing Shion that was going to fulfill his schedule for the day.

Both of Chrono and Tokoha ended up accompanying (more like waiting) Shion for the day, and even then, they couldn't persuade him. Shion gave back his charm, and returned home. Chrono, unsatisfied, asked Tokoha so that he can hold Shion's charm at the moment.

During the night, Chrono came to Shion's residence, and he was furious that Shion doesn't want to meet him. He ended up climbing the gate wall, but by doing so he triggers the thief alarm. Being chased by guards and dogs, he hides on top of a tree, only to be found by Iwakura, who saved him. Iwakura send Chrono to the practice room, where Shion came to meet him.

Chrono gave Shion a condition; if he want to quit, Shion must beat Chrono first. And thus, both of them ended up fighting each other. From fighting vanguard, they went to verbal abuse, and it somehow got into a serious fight, where Chrono turn the table by Stride an Interdimensional Dragon, Epoch-maker Dragon, giving Shion 5 damages from 2 damages, while he himself is stuck on 4 damages.

Shion, not wanting to give up, finally Stride Holy Dragon, Saint Blow Dragon, and power it up until 49k/2 Critical. Chrono, who only has 35k shield, has to let the attack goes through, resulting in his lost.

Shion, happy with the win, realizes that he actually loves vanguard, and can't ditch it just like that. The next day, he apologizes to both Chrono and Tokoha, and shows that he has his charm back (probably given by Chrono the night before). He also starts call Tokoha "Tokoha" (as opposed to the usual Anjou-san), surprising her, but she didn't waste time to call him "Shion" as well (before this she call him "Kiba").

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