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"Kouji Ibuki" is the 3rd episode of the Cardfight!! Vanguard G and the 199th of the Cardfight!! Vanguard Anime.


In response to a quest to recruit an opponent, Chrono heads to the meeting place which is at the shopping mall. However, due to some sudden errands, the client is unable to come, and instead Kouji Ibuki appears on the client's behalf. At a previous prompt from Kouji, the "Grand Image Reality System" (GIRS) for 3-D form of images produced by fighters is prepared...


  • Due to Legion Mate not being dubbed into English, this marks the debut of Legion in the English Dub of the Anime.


Character Name Voice Actor (Japanese) Voice Actor (English)
Chrono Shindou Mark Ishii Sam Duke
Kamui Katsuragi Shizuka Ishikawa Melissa Dorsey
Tsuneto Tado Rion Kako Alex Cherovsky
Kei Nagara Shintaro Tanaka Corby Proctor 
Karl Yamaji Kotomi Otsuka Alex Day
Kouji Ibuki Mamoru Miyano Daegan Manns 



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