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"Mamoru Anjou" is the 6th episode of the Cardfight!! Vanguard G and the 202nd of the Cardfight!! Vanguard Anime.


Kamui met Chrono while on his way to the Dragon Empire branch, and the former asks the latter to join him. At there, Chrono was told that a vanguard competition is being held, in which a lucky person would fight Mamoru Anjou, the Kagero clan leader. As Chrono registered, he encountered the mascot of Vanguard Association, Vangoro, who after know that he uses Gear Chronicle, keeps demand a cardfight from him.

At the same time, Mamoru found out that the Branch Manager has been missing (again). Knowing that the Branch Manager is the one who is in the Vangoro costume, he puts up a quest that who manage to capture Vangoro will be rewarded with 300 points. Due to the quest, Vangoro and Chrono (who is dragged over) runs from place to place to escape, and they left their pursuers by using a staff exit on Nubatama's area, a flipping wall.

Chrono, still wanted to know who the person in Vangoro is, manage to make him get out of the costume by saying that he wanted to fight a man, not a costume. Revealing himself, both the Branch Manager and Chrono fights at a place below the office which is equipped with a GIAS equipment.

Chrono's name is picked from the people to fight Mamoru, but since he is fighting someone else (hence absent), he is disqualified, and Tado Tsuneto is the one who gets chosen instead. Even though Mamoru gives handicap by having 3 cards as opposed to the normal five cards in his starting hand, he makes a comeback win by Stride.

Chrono Stride's Interdimensional Dragon, Chronoscommand Dragon, but it was unable to beat the Branch Chief, whose vanguard is Dragonic Vanquisher. Branch Chief was going to Stride, but an angry Mamoru entered the scene, thus ending the cardfight midway. Afterwards, Mamoru asked Chrono to cardfight him with the same handicap as he fought Tado with earlier, but Chrono declined, and promised to fight Mamoru when he was ready. Though, he still got his 300 points from the quest.



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