"Messiah Dragon of Rebirth" is the 15th G Trial Deck released in the Japanese and English formats.





Card List

Card No. Name Grade Clan Type Amount
G-TD15/001 Genesis Dragon, Bearing Messiah 4 Link Joker 2
G-TD15/002 Light that Seals the Tear, Lady Healer 4 Link Joker 2
G-TD15/003 Alter Ego Neo Messiah 3 Link Joker 2
G-TD15/004 Alter Ego Messiah 3 Link Joker 2
G-TD15/005 Restrain Dragon 3 Link Joker 4
G-TD15/006 Albedo Condor 2 Link Joker 4
G-TD15/007 Arrester Messiah 2 Link Joker 2
G-TD15/008 Metallia Messiah 2 Link Joker 3
G-TD15/009 Great Wall 2 Link Joker 2
G-TD15/010 Destiny Dealer 1 Link Joker 4
G-TD15/011 Dunamis Messiah 1 Link Joker 4
G-TD15/012 Allbirth Pangolin 1 Link Joker 4
G-TD15/013 Multiple Star of Binding, Cluster Mine 1 Link Joker 2
G-TD15/014 Neon Messiah Aurion 0 Link Joker 1
G-TD15/015 Spicule Shark 0 Link Joker Critical 4
G-TD15/016 Long Sword of the Protostar, Protosword 0 Link Joker Stand 4
G-TD15/017 Mourning Child of Reaction 0 Link Joker Heal 4
G-TD15/018 Beloved Child of Superstring Theory 0 Link Joker Draw 4

Clan/Grade Breakdown

ClanGrade 0Grade 1Grade 2Grade 3Grade 4Total
Link Joker 17 14 11 8 4 54


  • Not counting its name, this deck also shares the same last number as that of G-TD05.

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