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An example of G unit, Divine Knight King, Alfred Holy Saver.

"G unit" (Gユニット Ji Yunitto) is a type of unit. Currently, all G units are grade 4. Unlike normal units and trigger units, G units are placed in the G deck during deck construction, which can contain up to 16 cards with a maximum of 4 copies of a card by name.

The appearance of a G unit card is based on its mechanic:

  • G units with Stride have a red card frame and no [Shield] Shield icon.png value.
  • G units with G guardian have a green card frame, an elaborate box for their [Shield] Shield icon.png value and a "G-GUARDIAN" label in place of [Power] Power icon.png and [Critical] Critical icon.png values.


  • During setup, a player's G deck is placed face down into his or her G zone. The G deck need not be shuffled; a player may view the face-down cards in his or her G zone at any time, but the face-down cards in it may not be shown to the other player.
  • G units cannot be normal rode nor normal called. Instead, they have procedures which allow themselves to be placed on the field.
  • During a game, cards in a player's G zone may be placed face up. The face-up cards in each player's G zone are public information.
  • A G unit card can only exist in the G zone or on the field. If a G unit would be put into any other zone (hand, soul, drop zone, etc.) from the field, it is instead returned to the G zone face up. If a G unit would be turned face down while on the field, except by being deleted, it is also returned to the G zone face up.

Mechanics Related to G Units

List of Support Cards

Grade 0

Card Name Clan Race Type
Wakey Wakey Worker Gear Chronicle Workeroid Trigger unit (Stand)

Grade 1

Card Name Clan Race Type
Air Elemental, Twitterun Cray Elemental Elemental

Grade 2

Card Name Clan Race Type
Mechanized Gear Tiger Gear Chronicle Gear Beast

Grade 4

Card Name Clan Race Type
Thunderbolt Shockwave Colossus Gear Chronicle Gear Colossus G unit (Stride)

Calling G units to (RC)

Starting with G Booster Set 10: Raging Clash of the Blade Fangs, there are cards that allow G units to be called to rear-guard circles.

Grade 4

Card Name Clan Race Type
Ambush Demon Stealth Dragon, Shibarakku Viktor Murakumo Abyss Dragon G unit (Stride)
Dragon Deity of Destruction, Gyze Cray Elemental Gyze G unit
Enma Stealth King, Mujinlord "Dagoku" Nubatama Demon G unit (Stride)
Fancy Megatrick, Darklord Princess Pale Moon Human G unit (Stride)
Rogue Deity of the Third Realm, Yasuie Gouma Murakumo Demon G unit (Stride)
Valuable Verve, Federica Bermuda Triangle Mermaid G Unit (Stride)

Face-Down Turn

Starting with G Booster Set 13: Ultimate Stride, there are G units that flip themselves down, allowing them to be reused, with the drawback of lowering Generation Break number. To counterbalance the drawback, it also always comes with extra benefit to the player.

Clan Card Name Conditions/Cost Extra Effect Associated Mechanic
Aqua Force Blue Wave Armor General, Galfilia Soul Blast (1) Counter Charge, Unlock or Undelete 1 card G guardian
Bermuda Triangle Luxury Wave, Elly Generation Break 2
When this card is put into your G zone face up, Soul Blast (1)
none G guardian
Neo Nectar Sacred Tree Dragon, Rainbow Cycle Dragon When this card is put into G zone face up, return two normal units from the drop zone to the deck none G guardian
Nova Grappler Meteokaiser, Dogantitan Soul Blast (1) Counter Charge, Unlock or Undelete 1 card G guardian



  • Harmonics Messiah is the only G unit with a card frame that is the same color as normal units. This is because it was released prior to G units' mechanics being officially revealed.