Emperor Dragon, Gaia Emperor

"Gaia" (ガイア) is a series of cards with "Gaia" in its card name. The first card was introduced in Extra Booster: Divine Dragon Progression and received its first support in G Technical Booster 1: The RECKLESS RAMPAGE.

List of "Gaia" Cards


Grade 1

Card Name Race Type
Dragonic Gaias Tear Dragon


Grade 3

Card Name Race Type
Emperor Dragon, Gaia Emperor Dinodragon
Emperor Dragon, Gaia Emperor (V Series) Dinodragon
Frenzy Emperor Dragon, Gaia Desperado Dinodragon

Grade 4

Card Name Race Type
New Destruction Emperor, Gaia Devastate Dinodragon G unit (Stride)
Great Emperor Dragon, Gaia Dynast Dinodragon G unit (Stride)

List of Support Cards

Grade 0

Card Name Race Type
Cannon Fire Dragon, Parasaulauncher Dinodragon Trigger unit (Critical)

Grade 1

Card Name Race Type
Cold Dragon, Freezernyx Dinodragon
Collision Dragon, Charging Pachycephalo Dinodragon
Prism Bird High Beast

Grade 2

Card Name Race Type
Beam Dragon, Apatomaser Dinodragon
Conflagration Dragon, Gigant Flame Dinodragon
Heavy Bullet Dragon, Diablocannon Dinodragon
Light Wave Dragon, Chasmolukes Dinodragon

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