Great Cosmic Hero, Grandgallop

"Gallop" (ギャロップ Gyaroppu) is a series of cards with "Gallop" in its card name exclusive to the Dimension Police clan, and introduced in G Extra Booster 1: Cosmic Roar. "Gallop" is the main Stride Bearer for Dimension Police, making it the main focus of Dimension Police support in the Cardfight!! Vanguard G series. This archetype is also part of the "Cosmic Heroes" card series.


Who is Grandgallop?

He is the leader of "Cosmic Heroes", the other-dimensional warriors who persevere in the protection of cosmic peace. This is the Finish Form of "Grandseed" by performing Ultimate Hero Fusion with the support mecha "Armorhorse". Armor Horse is transformed into a huge armor and embraces the body of Grandseed---to give the shape an elegant warrior resembling a knight in his/her armor. Grand Gallop's potential is best suited to be a leader, with a balance of seriousness and tolerance. It is only his majestic existence could put the hot-headed youngsters together into the organization. He acts calmly in daily times, but he is a man with the hottest soul among all Cosmic Heroes, and he is simply unstoppable when his spirit is ignited.

Related Background

Who is Grandseed?

He is the leader of "Cosmic Heroes", the other-dimensional warriors who persevere in the protection of cosmic peace. His AI is unique among other mechas. When he fuses (with Armorhorse) to become "Grandgallop", he speaks in a different way, using "watashi" as his personal pronoun. After he became the leader, he is seldom in this form under the reason of enforcing discipline.


This archetype focuses on powering-up, and giving effects to, the vanguard. This playstyle is a staple of Dimension Police as a whole, however Gallop focuses more on Power, utilizing the "Burst" keyword to gain extra effects while also simultaneously gaining more Power. After breaking through the Burst threshold, Gallop can obtain effects such as an extra drive check, extra critical, and even granting Power to the rear-guards.

Gallop also utilizes the Cosmic Heroes series to help grant more power to the vanguard, further increasing the Burst power. These Cosmic Hero units are also the main way to build up and refuel your resources.

List of "Gallop" and Support Cards

Booster Sets

Set Name No. of Cards
G Extra Booster 1: Cosmic Roar 3
G Booster Set 7: Glorious Bravery of Radiant Sword 3
G Character Booster 2: WE ARE!!! TRINITY DRAGON 1
G Extra Booster 3: The GALAXY STAR GATE ?

List of "Gallop" Cards

Grade 3

Card Name Race Type
Bravest Rush, Grandgallop Battleroid
Bravest Viktor, Grandgallop Battleroid
Great Cosmic Hero, Grandgallop Battleroid

Grade 4

Card Name Race Type
Bravest Peak, X-gallop Battleroid G unit (Stride)
Super Cosmic Hero, X-gallop Battleroid G unit (Stride)

List of Support Cards

Grade 0

Card Name Race Type
Cosmic Hero, Grandbeat Battleroid Trigger (Critical)

Grade 1

Card Name Race Type
Cosmic Hero, Grandrope Battleroid
Cosmic Hero, Grandscout Battleroid
Cosmic Hero, Grandvicle Battleroid

Grade 2

Card Name Race Type
Cosmic Hero, Grandrifter Battleroid
Cosmic Hero, Grandhogan Battleroid

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