Chronojet Dragon (V Series)

Gear Dragon (ギアドラゴン Gia Doragon) is a race currently unique to the Gear Chronicle clan. Gear dragons are dragons that, like other races associated with Gear Chronicle, are adorned with gears and brass. Gear dragons compose the leadership of Gear Chronicle, and most of Gear Chronicle's prominent units, most notably Chronojet Dragon, are gear dragons.


The Gear Dragons

The Gear Dragons are categorized into high, middle and low ranks. The high-ranked Gear Dragons like "Chronojet Dragon" have unknown origins of birth, while middle-ranked and low-ranked Gear Dragons are individuals who receive power from the high-ranked Gear Dragons. The high-ranked Gear Dragons can use superior power directly linked to time and space, such as freely opening the Gate to initiate "Stride". Most of the middle-ranked and low-ranked Gear Dragons are invited by the high-ranked Gear Dragons, and they are given "Time Engine", the mechanical equipment that can manipulate time and space, when they join the clan. The middle-ranked "Smokegear Dragon" possesses space-intervening abilities specialized in defense and support. It can release mist that slightly distorts recognition, which could conceal its form. "Masergear Dragon", another middle-ranked Gear Dragon, is a specialist of offense, able to collect traces of unknown energies when the high-ranked Gear Dragons open the Gates, and unleash the stored power as heat beams.

List of Gear Dragons


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List of Support Cards

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