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"Genesis" (ジェネシス Jeneshisu) is a clan from the nation of United Sanctuary. The clan is themed around a magical business conglomerate, being a sister and rival conglomerate to Oracle Think Tank. Many of their services involve fortune telling, security, and magical studies, with a focus on the latter two. Unlike the original version, it is unknown when the clan was established.


Genesis is known for having a "jack of all trades" playstyle, due to their unique theme of Soul Blasting as a cost to activate different kinds of effects. Some units have their abilities activated when they are Soul Blasted, others can change the number of cards an ability may require to Soul Blast, and some can even gain power or trigger effects. Aside from Soul Blasting, Genesis also deals with the Equip Gauge, with their unique title being "Divine Equip Gauge" (神装しんそう ゲージ Shinsō Gēji). The "Divine Equip Gauge" is reminiscent of a Soul Blast; moving a card from the soul into a unit's Equip Gauge rather than into the drop zone.

From VG-V-TD09, the "Astral Plane" mechanic is introduced, which allows the player to call a grade 5 unit in a special field created in the central circle of the back row if specific conditions are met.

Genesis has the Force Imaginary Gift, which they can use to further boost the power of their ranks or to be used to open the Astral Plane.

Known/Notable Fighters



Name Type Description
Angel Shared Winged holy humanoids who specialize in support and medical studies.
Human Shared Ordinary people who wield armaments to fight.
High Beast Shared
Noble Shared


Name Type Description
Witches Sub-clan Users of earthly magicks who fight and teach.

Sets containing Genesis Cards

Booster Sets

Set Name No. of Cards
V Extra Booster 04: The Answer of Truth 22
V Booster Set 07: Infinideity Cradle ?

Trial and Start Decks

Set Name No. of Cards
V Trial Deck 09: Shinemon Nitta 15

List of Genesis Cards

Grade 0

Card Name Race Type
Aiming for the Stars, Artemis Aiming for the Stars, Artemis NobleNoble
Battle Maiden, Kukurihime Battle Maiden, Kukurihime NobleNoble Critical Trigger
Cyber Tiger Cyber Tiger High BeastHigh Beast Critical Trigger
Goddess of Self-sacrifice, Kushinada Goddess of Self-sacrifice, Kushinada NobleNoble Draw Trigger/Perfect Guard
Mercury of Solemnity Mercury of Solemnity NobleNoble Critical Trigger
Pan of New Style Pan of New Style NobleNoble
Rebirth Sorcerer, Spiglia Rebirth Sorcerer, Spiglia HumanHuman
Talisman Angel Talisman Angel AngelAngel Draw Trigger
Witch of Big Pots, Laurier Witch of Big Pots, Laurier HumanHuman Heal Trigger

Grade 1

Card Name Race Type
Administrator of Hope, Pandora Administrator of Hope, Pandora NobleNoble Perfect Guard
Ambrosial Snake Ambrosial Snake High BeastHigh Beast
Astraia of Vast Sky Astraia of Vast Sky NobleNoble
Atlas of Heavenly Sphere Atlas of Heavenly Sphere NobleNoble
Battle Maiden, Imari Battle Maiden, Imari HumanHuman
Battle Maiden, Mihikarihime Battle Maiden, Mihikarihime NobleNoble
Bowstring of Heaven and Earth, Artemis Bowstring of Heaven and Earth, Artemis NobleNoble
Deputize Bear Deputize Bear High BeastHigh Beast
Diana of Moonlight Diana of Moonlight NobleNoble
Existence Angel Existence Angel AngelAngel
Saturn of Right Time Saturn of Right Time NobleNoble
Simplistic Divine Messenger, Shiropon Simplistic Divine Messenger, Shiropon High BeastHigh Beast
Snow-white Witch, Salty Snow-white Witch, Salty HumanHuman
Suadela of Loving Auspices Suadela of Loving Auspices NobleNoble
Swift Runner of the Clear Skies, Achilles Swift Runner of the Clear Skies, Achilles NobleNoble
White Wall Sorcerer, Vegiba White Wall Sorcerer, Vegiba HumanHuman
Witch of Cats, Cumin Witch of Cats, Cumin HumanHuman
Witch of Frogs, Melissa Witch of Frogs, Melissa HumanHuman

Grade 2

Card Name Race Type
Angelic Wiseman Angelic Wiseman AngelAngel
Battle Maiden, Izunahime Battle Maiden, Izunahime NobleNoble
Battle Maiden, Mutsuki Battle Maiden, Mutsuki HumanHuman
Battle Maiden, Sahohime Battle Maiden, Sahohime NobleNoble
Battle Maiden, Shitateruhime Battle Maiden, Shitateruhime NobleNoble
Deity of Shepherds, Volos Deity of Shepherds, Volos NobleNoble
Dionysus of Beautiful Wish Dionysus of Beautiful Wish NobleNoble
Heavenly Wind Sorcerer, Burnet Heavenly Wind Sorcerer, Burnet HumanHuman
Parthenos of Holy Verse Parthenos of Holy Verse NobleNoble
Phosphorus of Fair Light Phosphorus of Fair Light NobleNoble
Pluto of Deliberation Pluto of Deliberation NobleNoble
Prometheus of Dancing Lights Prometheus of Dancing Lights NobleNoble
Strong Bow of the Starry Night, Ulixes Strong Bow of the Starry Night, Ulixes NobleNoble
Twilight Hunter, Artemis Twilight Hunter, Artemis NobleNoble
White-clothed Sorcerer, Colts White-clothed Sorcerer, Colts HumanHuman
Witch of Amulets, Linden Witch of Amulets, Linden HumanHuman
Witch of Ten Thousand Turtles, Caper Witch of Ten Thousand Turtles, Caper HumanHuman

Grade 3

Card Name Race Type
Battle Deity of the Night, Artemis Battle Deity of the Night, Artemis NobleNoble Force
Eternal Goddess, Iwanagahime Eternal Goddess, Iwanagahime NobleNoble Force
Gleaming Lord, Uranus Noble/Astral Poet Force
Goddess of the Milky Way, Pleione Goddess of the Milky Way, Pleione NobleNoble
Neptunus of Clear Stream Neptunus of Clear Stream NobleNoble Force
Oracle Queen, Himiko Oracle Queen, Himiko NobleNoble Force
Perseus of Probity Perseus of Probity NobleNoble
Quaking Heavenly Dragon, Astraios Dragon Cosmo Dragon/Astral Poet Force
Spirit Soul Sorcerer, Croot Spirit Soul Sorcerer, Croot HumanHuman
Summanus of Divine Punishment Summanus of Divine Punishment NobleNoble Force

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