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Gouki Daimonji is a character in Cardfight!! Vanguard (V Series Anime). He is a third year at Tokyo Metropolitan Harumi High School, and notably placed second during the Asia Circuit Championship prior to the events of the the anime.


His outfit is based off of pirates. He wears a red bandana on his head, covering his medium length black hair, has a brown vest, an orange and white shirt with torn openings, a red sash worn as a belt, knee length brown boots, and baggy tan pants. He also has orange eyes.


Gouki is easily excitable, and not too bright. Despite this, he has earned the respect of many aspiring cardfighters, and acts as the leader of card shop Voyage. He is always up for a fight, regardless of the opponent's skill level. He also reciprocates respect, as he welcomes Leon Soryu to Voyage with open arms in Image 6. As a foil to his sister, Gouki can also be a bit submissive.

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