Original V Series CF ZERO

Granblue Emblem

"Granblue" (グランブルー Guranburū) is a clan from the Magallanica nation, which has Imaginary Gift Protect. The clan is themed around seafaring pirate crews consisting of macabre, undead characters such as vampires, ghosts, skeletons and gillman. This clan often times comes into conflict with another Magallanica clan, the Aqua Force.


The Granblue clan revolves around the use of the drop zone to gain advantage. Several of their cards have effects that send the top cards of the deck to the drop zone, and many others have effects that superior call cards from the drop zone, some units can retire other units to get power or getting more power by the cost of retire themselfes at the end of the battle or turn. Most of the deck's endgame units have skills that are only unlocked when 10 or more cards are in the drop zone. 

The Seven Seas series focus on gathering as many Treasures as possible and activating abilities based on how many Treasures they have accumulated.

Granblue has the Protect Imaginary Gift, which allows them to stall while setting up the drop zone and compensate for defensive cards that might get milled.

Known/Notable Fighters



Name Type Description
Demon Shared
Ghost Shared
Gillman Shared
Skeleton Unique
Vampire Shared
Zombie Shared

Sets containing Granblue Cards

Booster Sets

Set Name No. of Cards
V Extra Booster 02: Champions of the Asia Circuit 23
V Extra Booster 08: My Glorious Justice 21
V Booster Set 09: Butterfly d'Moonlight 24

List of Granblue Cards

Grade 0

Card Name Race Type
Captain Nightkid Vampire
Chappie the Ghostie Ghost
Good Luck Charm Banshee Ghost Heal Trigger
Guiding Zombie Zombie
Gunner Francette Workeroid Draw Trigger
Gust Djinn Demon Draw Trigger/Perfect Guard
Head-seas Banshee Ghost
Knight Spirit Ghost Critical Trigger
Mortal Mimic Ghost Critical Trigger
Pirate Ship Handler, Paolo Vampire Draw Trigger
Rampage Shade Ghost Critical Trigger/Sentinel
Rick the Ghostie Ghost Heal Trigger
Rough Seas Banshee Ghost Critical Trigger
Seven Seas Apprentice, Nightrunner Vampire
Undying Departed, Grenache Ghost

Grade 1

Card Name Race Type
Cyril the Ghostie Ghost
Damian the Ghostie Ghost
Dancing Cutlass Ghost
Dandy Guy, Romario Zombie
Derek the Ghostie Ghost
Dolph the Ghostie Ghost Perfect Guard
Dragon Spirit Ghost
Evil Shade Ghost
Grieving Bullet, Nightgewehr Vampire
Injury Shade Ghost
Night-playing Zombie Zombie
Norman the Ghostie Ghost
Number One Harpoon, Bhoja Ghost
Pat the Ghostie Ghost
Retreat Francine Workeroid Perfect Guard
Ripple Banshee Ghost
Samurai Spirit Ghost
Seven Seas Helmsman, Nightcrow Vampire
Skeleton Drawn-Sword Soldier Skeleton
Skeleton Sea Navigator Skeleton
Skeleton Sharpshooter Skeleton
Tommy the Ghostie Brothers Ghost
Troubadour Cadaver, Alfio Zombie
Witch Doctor of Powdered Bone, Negrobone Demon
Witch Doctor of the Seven Seas, Raistutor Demon

Grade 2

Card Name Race Type
Ben the Ghostie Ghost
Captain Nightmist Vampire
Commodore Blueblood Vampire
Greed Shade Ghost
Jessie the Ghostie Ghost
Kicking Frangal Workeroid
Nightwatch Pirate, Nilde Vampire
Pirate Swordsman, Colombard Vampire
Punching Frangul Workeroid
Racking Frankhini Workeroid
Ruin Shade Ghost
Seven Seas Master Swordsman, Slash Shade Ghost
Seven Seas Pillager, Nightspinel Vampire
Skeleton Bomber Skeleton
Stormride Ghost Ship Ghost
Thin-mist Banshee Ghost
Trendy Guy, Alvaro Zombie
Witch Doctor of Languor, Negrolazy Demon

Grade 3

Card Name Race Type
Dragon Undead, Skull Dragon Skeleton Protect
Forebode Ghost Ship Ghost Protect
Ghostie Leader, Beatrice Demon Protect
Ice Prison Necromancer, Cocytus Skeleton Protect
King of Demonic Seas, Basskirk Gillman Protect
King Tentacle Ghost
Lord of the Seven Seas, Nightmist Vampire Protect
Master Swordsman, Nightstorm Vampire Protect
Parliament Shade Ghost
Seabed Demon Beast, Scaredick Zombie Protect
Skeleton Pirate Skipper Skeleton Protect
Vampire Princess of Night Fog, Nightrose Vampire Protect
Violence Flanger Workeroid
Witch Doctor of Treachery, Negrobreach Demon Protect

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