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"Granblue" (グランブルー Guranburū) is a clan from the nation of Co mega Magallanica. The clan is themed around seafaring pirate crews consisting of macabre, undead characters such as vampires, ghosts, skeletons and gillman.


Following it's theme of "undead pirates", Granblue draws strength from the Drop Zone. They specialize in superior calling units from the Drop Zone which allows them to arrange their field and bring back dead Interceptors, and some of their cards gain [Power] Power icon by having a certain amount of cards into the Drop Zone. In order to fill the Drop Zone with more cards to bring back, Granblue also uses effects that send cards directly from the deck to the Drop Zone.

Fight Skins

Gouki Daimonji



Name Type Description
Demon Shared
Ghost Shared
Gillman Shared
Vampire Shared
Zombie Shared

List of Granblue Cards

Grade 0

Card Name Race Type
Captain Nightkid Captain Nightkid Vampire
Guiding Zombie Guiding Zombie Zombie
Knight Spirit Knight Spirit Ghost
Skeleton Assault Troops Captain Skeleton Assault Troops Captain Skeleton

Grade 1

Card Name Race Type
Chappie the Ghostie Chappie the Ghostie Ghost
Child Frank Child Frank Workeroid
Dancing Cutlass Dancing Cutlass Ghost
Dandy Guy, Romario Dandy Guy, Romario Zombie
Dragon Spirit Dragon Spirit Ghost
Evil Shade Evil Shade Ghost
Gust Jinn Gust Jinn Demon Perfect Guard
John the Ghostie John the Ghostie Ghost
Ripple Banshee Ripple Banshee Ghost
Samurai Spirit Samurai Spirit Ghost
Skeleton Colossus Skeleton Colossus Skeleton

Grade 2

Card Name Race Type
Captain Nightmist Captain Nightmist Vampire
Commodore Blueblood Commodore Blueblood Vampire
Greed Shade Greed Shade Ghost
Ruin Shade Ruin Shade Ghost
Sea Navigator, Silver Sea Navigator, Silver Vampire
Skeleton Demon World Knight Skeleton Demon World Knight Skeleton
Stormride Ghost Ship Stormride Ghost Ship Ghost
Three Star Chef, Pietro Three Star Chef, Pietro Skeleton

Grade 3

Card Name Race Type
Death Seeker, Thanatos Death Seeker, Thanatos Noble Trigger unit
Dragon Undead, Skull Dragon Dragon Undead, Skull Dragon Skeleton Trigger unit
God-eating Zombie Shark God-eating Zombie Shark Zombie Trigger unit
Ice Prison Necromancer, Cocytus Ice Prison Necromancer, Cocytus Skeleton Trigger unit
King of Demonic Seas, Basskirk King of Demonic Seas, Basskirk Gillman Trigger unit
Master Swordsman, Nightstorm Master Swordsman, Nightstorm Vampire Trigger unit
Monster Frank Monster Frank Workeroid Trigger unit
Spirit Exceed Spirit Exceed Ghost Trigger unit
Witch Doctor of the Abyss, Negromarl Witch Doctor of the Abyss, Negromarl Demon Trigger unit

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