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"Great Nature" (グレートネイチャー Gurēto Neichā) is a clan from the nation of Icon Zoo Zoo, which has Imaginary Gift Accel icon. Although they are considered to be a clan, Great Nature itself is a University first and foremost, renowned for its teachings, and is considered to be the greatest institution in all of Planet Cray. The units include students and staff members alike.


Great Nature's main focus is the "Lottery" mechanic (抽選 Chūsen), which involves sending the top card of the deck to the drop zone then activating one of two effects depending on if the sent card was a normal unit or trigger unit. Often, the effect activated by the sent card being a trigger unit is more powerful to compensate for losing the trigger effect. Most of these effects include gaining power, while others can affect your opponent in multiple ways, or grant you additional resources, while some cards activate their effects when a Lottery is used. Some of the clan's stronger Units can manipulate the Lottery mechanic in several ways such as triggering multiple Lottery effects at once or making it so both options activate regardless of what card is sent to the Drop Zone.

The Hammsuke series focuses on producing a large amount of Accel markers by successfully following the Hammsuke ride chain, then gaining benefits from having units in those additional circles. Some of their support cards allow them to put the needed Hammsuke chain pieces in the soul to increase the chance of completing the chain.

Great Nature has access to the Accel Imaginary Gift, which grants them the ability to launch multiple powerful attacks to better utilize the resources gained from the clan's ability to draw and superior call.

Known/Notable Fighters



Name Type Description
High Beast Shared Intelligent mammalian and avian animals.
Warbeast Shared Beasts who specialize in combat.


Name Type Description
Hammsuke Archetype
Leo-pald Archetype

Sets containing Great Nature Cards

Booster Sets

Set Name No. of Cards
V Extra Booster 04: The Answer of Truth 24
V Extra Booster 10: The Mysterious Fortune 22
V Booster Set 11: Heavenly Storm of the Blue Cavalry ??

List of Great Nature Cards

Grade 0

Card Name Race Type
Alarm Chicken High Beast Front Trigger
Blackboard Parrot High Beast
Cable Sheep High Beast Draw Trigger/Perfect Guard
Castanet Donkey High Beast Front Trigger
Censor, Mil Galago High Beast Critical Trigger
Correction Chinchilla High Beast Front Trigger
Dictionary Goat High Beast Heal Trigger
Jet-ink Fox High Beast
Ruler Chameleon High Beast Critical Trigger
Slip Pangolin High Beast Draw Trigger
Triangle Cobra High Beast Critical Trigger
Typing Kiwi High Beast

Grade 1

Card Name Race Type
Dry Cell Rabbit High Beast
Hearty Academic, Anteate High Beast Perfect Guard
Hammsuke's Classmate, Pastel Marker Hammna High Beast
Insurance Doctor, Womback High Beast
Monoculus Tiger High Beast
Pencil Squire, Hammsuke High Beast
Prober of Black Jet, Cecile High Beast
Protractor Parrot High Beast
Scale Toucan High Beast
Silver Wolf High Beast
Solution Tenrec High Beast
Speculate Chipmunk High Beast Perfect Guard
Stamp Sea Otter High Beast
Tank Mouse High Beast
Triad Dog High Beast

Grade 2

Card Name Race Type
Art Club Member, Pernoire High Beast
Barcode Zebra High Beast
Beaker Holstein High Beast
Binoculus Tiger High Beast
Ceramics Sloth High Beast
Elderly Professor, Markhor Medha High Beast
Geograph Giant High Beast
Hammsuke's Rival, Red-and-Blue Pencil Hammhiko High Beast
Idol Teacher, Hatsune High Beast
Observation Scribe, Snaquill High Beast
Pencil Knight, Hammsuke High Beast
Scientist of Black Sheen, Mathilda High Beast
Temp Clerk, Damedile High Beast
Toolbox Wallaby High Beast
Whimsical Scientist, Solenostein High Beast

Grade 3

Card Name Race Type
Armed Instructor, Bison Warbeast Accel
Culture Gorilla High Beast
Daring Scientist, Marimarten High Beast Accel
Hammsuke's Rival, Rocket Pencil Hammdon High Beast Accel
Heavy Brain, Mormodon High Beast
Holy Great Sage of Black Shadows, Isabelle High Beast Accel
Pencil Hero, Hammsuke High Beast Accel
School Hunter, Leo-pald High Beast Accel

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