Sunrise Ray Knight, Gurguit

"Gurguit" (グルグウィント Guruguwinto) is a series of cards that include "Gurguit" in its card name exclusive to the Gold Paladin clan, and introduced in G Booster Set 3: Sovereign Star Dragon.


Sunrise Ray Knight, Gurguit is...

A knight of "Gold Paladin", the Second Regular Army of the Holy Nation. This knight can use magic and sword techniques at high level with good balance, and his power is one of the top five in the current knightly order. One day, he was assigned to be the captain of an investigation team, to inspect the dubious actions of "Shadow Paladin", and capture and subjugate them if necessary. He managed to arrest several knights of shadow in a few days. However, his glorious achievement, fitting his strength, made him the targeted prey of "Claret Sword Dragon", the grandmaster of the clique.


Gurguit focuses on superior calling cards from the deck to quickly fill the rearguards, then clears the field to build hand advantage and leave the rearguards open for more superior calls. Additionally Gurguit also has some effects that superior call cards to the Guardian for added defense.

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