Unparalleled Ingenuity, Loura

Highlander (ハイランダー Hairandā) is an unofficial term which refers to an ability currently exclusive to the Bermuda Triangle clan that defines a deck contruction, where there can only be one specific type of cards with the same name, and thus no multiple copies at all. This definition is also officially referred to as "Construction of one same card name" (同名カード1枚構築 Dōmei Kādo Ichi-mai Kōchiku).


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Sets containing Highlander-defining Cards

List of Highlander-defining Cards


  • The name Highlander is taken from the movie of the same name, whose tagline was of course "There can be only one".
  • Due to how cards such as Loura have been advertised, Highlander is also rarely known as a "Legendary Idol deck".
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