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Original ZERO

Ice Prison Hades Emperor, Cocytus "Яeverse"
ひょうごくめいおう コキュートス "Яリバース"
Name Ice Prison Hades Emperor, Cocytus "Яeverse"
Kanji 氷獄の冥王 コキュートス “Я”
Kana ひょうごくのめいおう コキュートス リバース
Phonetic Hyōgoku no Meiō Kokyūtosu Ribāsu
Thai ราชันนรกคุกน้ำแข็ง,โคคิวทัส"รีเวิร์ส"
Grade / Skill Grade 3 / Sk twindrive.gif Twin Drive!!
Power Power icon.png 11000
Critical Critical icon.png 1
Nation Co mega.gif Magallanica
Clan Granblue
Race Skeleton
Format Premium
Card Set(s)
Card Flavor(s)
(RR): Sinners of the Ice Prison, Lock...... is the name of the new prison.
(SP): Your body is still useful, regardless if it's alive or not...... Ensnare, Temporary Lock!
Card Effect(s)
[ACT](VC) Limit Break 4 (This ability is active if you have four or more damage):[Put three cards from the top of your deck into your drop zone & Choose one of your «Granblue» rear-guards, and lock it] Choose one «Granblue» from your drop zone, call it to (RC), and that unit gets [Power]+3000 until end of turn.
(The locked card is turned face down, and cannot do anything. It turns face up at the end of the owner's turn)
[CONT](VC):If you have a card named "Ice Prison Necromancer, Cocytus" in your soul, this unit gets [Power]+2000.
[CONT](VC/RC):Lord (If you have a unit without a same clan as this unit, this unit cannot attack)
Tournament Status
EN Unrestricted
JP Unrestricted
KR Unrestricted
TH Unrestricted
IT Unrestricted
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