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"Imaginary Gift" (イマジナリーギフト Imajinarī Gifuto) is a game mechanic introduced in V Trial Deck 01: Aichi Sendou and V Trial Deck 02: Toshiki Kai, and exclusive to grade 3 cards. A "Gift Icon" appears under the grade and skill icon on the top left of the card. "Imaginary Gifts" are considered to be "a power of blessing from your units".

How It Works

Icon GiftMarkers

Gift Markers

  • There are three different types of gift icons: Accel, Force, and Protect.
  • Each clan supports one of the three Gift types. No clan may have more than one type.
  • As soon as a unit with gift icon rides, you get its respective gift marker, and put it in the appropriate area. A gift marker is not considered to exist until being acquired.
  • If you choose to use card sleeves on your gift markers, they must be different from those for your main deck and G deck.
  • The Gift Marker area is next to the G zone, but is not part of the G zone.
  • Once you get a gift, the next time you ride, if the type of the gift (Accel/Force/Protect) is different from the previous gift, you can't get the gift.
  • As obtaining gifts are mandatory, you must have enough gift markers to accommodate your deck. Failing to obtain a gift marker when you ride a unit with the gift icon may result in a disqualification in official Bushiroad events and tournaments.
  • Only official Gift Markers may be used in Bushiroad sanctioned events. You may use fan made or other forms of markers (tokens, dice, etc) on your own time. Ask the owner of your locals if fan made markers are allowed in shop tournaments.


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