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Icon ImaginaryGift

Gift symbol

A power of blessing from your units.

Imaginary Gift (イマジナリーギフト Imajinarī Gifuto) is an ability icon associated with grade 3 and 4, and introduced in V Trial Deck 01: Aichi Sendou and V Trial Deck 02: Toshiki Kai.

How It Works[]

Icon GiftMarkers

Gift Markers

  • There are three different clan types of Imaginary Gifts: Accel, Force, and Protect.
  • Each clan type has two gift types associated with it, noted by Roman numeral "I" and "II".
    • For example, "Force" is a clan type, while "Force I" and "Force II" are gift types.
  • Each clan supports one of the three Imaginary Gift clan types. No clan has more than one clan type printed.
  • Imaginary Gifts are Marker, and they do not exist in the game zones until they have been acquired.
  • When a player rides a unit with an Imaginary Gift icon, acquire the appropriate Marker. This is done before any card abilities that is activated by riding that unit (such as "When placed" abilities).
    • For example, a player riding Alfred Early gets a Force marker. The player chooses the gift type "Force I" at this timing.
  • For the first time each Imaginary Gift clan type would be gained, choose between gift type I and II associated with it, and acquire the selected gift type.
  • If a player later gets a clan type marker they have previously gained (and had chosen the gift type associated), they must get the same gift type they declared earlier.
    • For example, to the above situation, a player riding another copy of "Alfred Early" must get a Force I marker.
  • If a player later rode a card with different clan type gift icon from the card(s) they first rode, the new, different gift will not be gained. This does not cause the existing gift markers to disappear otherwise.


  • There is no limit to the number of imaginary gifts a player may gain per game.
  • If a player would get an imaginary gift through an effect, unless otherwise specified, it must be the same type as the imaginary gift they had previously obtained by riding.
    • For example, if a player rode Pencil Hero, Hammsuke and chose Accel I, the gift type to be gained from its abilty must also be Accel I.
  • A player may gain an Imaginary Gift of any clan types through card abilities, even if it is different from the clan's printed type that they had gained from riding earlier.
    • For each clan type gained for the first time (by riding or card abilities), choose between gift type I and II associated with that clan type, and gain it independent from the other clan types to be gained. The next times each of those clan type markers would be gained, gain the same gift type chosen earlier.
    • For Example, a player riding Heart Monopoly, Anezka gets a Force marker of the same type they have chosen earlier (if any, for example, Force I). By its ability, that player must get another Force I marker, but is free to choose between gift type I and II for Accel and Protect markers (For example, Accel II and Protect I).
      • For further example, if Heart Monopoly, Anezka is rode again and successfully activated its ability, the player cannot choose the gifts' type this time, even through abilities, and must get the same type they had chosen earlier (Force I, Force I, Accel II, Protect I; respectively).
  • Obtaining an imaginary gift is mandatory, so you must have enough gift markers during the game. Failing to obtain a gift marker when you would get one may result in a penalty in official tournaments.
  • If you choose to use card sleeves on your gift markers, they must be different from those for your main deck and G deck.
  • Only official gift markers may be used in Bushiroad sanctioned events. Players may use unofficial substitutes (non-Vanguard cards, dice, etc.) in casual games. Players should ask the local tournament organizers if unofficial markers are allowed at locals.
  • If a gift marker is removed by card abilities, return them to the gift marker pile.



Imaginary Gift

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