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Imaginary Gift (イマジナリーギフト Imajinarī Gifuto) is an ability icon associated with grade 3 and 4, and introduced in V Trial Deck 01: Aichi Sendou and V Trial Deck 02: Toshiki Kai. It is said to be "a power of blessing from your units".

How It Works

Gift Markers

  • There are three different clan types of Imaginary Gifts: Accel, Force, and Protect. Each icon has two gift types associated with it. For example, Force is a clan type, while Force I and Force II are gift types.
  • Each clan supports one of the three Imaginary Gift clan types. No clan has more than one type printed.
  • The first time in a game you ride a unit with an imaginary gift icon, choose one of the gift types associated with that icon and apply its effect immediately, before resolving any other effects that resulted from riding the unit. If you later ride a unit with the same gift icon as one you have already gained, you gain another gift of the same type that was previously chosen.
    • For example, if you ride Alfred Early and choose to get Force I for the first time, you may not get Force II with your imaginary gift icons for the rest of the game.
  • Imaginary gifts do not exist inside the game until they are acquired.


  • There is no limit to the number of imaginary gifts a player may gain per game.
  • If you would get an imaginary gift through an effect, unless otherwise specified, it must be the same type as the imaginary gift you had previously obtained by riding. For example, if you chose Accel I when riding Pencil Hero, Hammsuke, the Imaginary Gift:Accel you get through its ability must be Accel I.
  • Obtaining an imaginary gift is mandatory, so you must have enough gift markers during the game. Failing to obtain a gift marker when you would get one may result in a disqualification in official tournaments.
  • If you choose to use card sleeves on your gift markers, they must be different from those for your main deck and G deck.
  • Only official gift markers may be used in Bushiroad sanctioned events. Players may use unofficial substitutes (non-Vanguard cards, dice, etc.) in casual games. Players should ask the person running their local tournaments if unofficial markers are allowed at locals.


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