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Accel Marker

Accel (アクセル Akuseru) is a Gift type based on aggressive and consecutive attacks. It is represented by the color yellow.

When you first ride a unit with an Imaginary Gift: Accel icon, choose one of the following gift types and apply its effect. On any subsequent times you ride a unit with an Accel icon, apply that same effect. The two gift types associated with the Accel icon are:

  • Accel I: You gain a permanent rear-guard circle on your front row (represented by the portrait Accel gift marker). The unit on that circle gets [Power]+10000 during your turn.
  • Accel II: You gain a permanent rear-guard circle on your front row (represented by the landscape Accel gift marker), and draw a card. The unit on that circle gets [Power]+5000 during your turn.

When you get an Imaginary Gift: Accel, you alternate between the left side of the front row, and then the right side. In other words...

  • The first rear-guard circle is placed to the left of the leftmost rear-guard circle
  • The second rear-guard circle will be placed to the right of the rightmost rear-guard circle
  • The third rear-guard circle will be placed to the left of the leftmost rear-guard circle, and so on.

Two adjacent Accel circles between opponents are considered to be the same column. A rear-guard circle created by the Accel gift does not have a back row nor shares a column with the original circles. As Accel circles are rear-guard circles in every way, effects that choose rear-guard circles or apply effects to rear-guard circles can be applied to Accel circles as well.

Clans with Imaginary Gift: Accel have access to Front Triggers. These triggers will give [Power]+10000 to the entire front row when checked. This power-up is essential to these clans, as Accel clans focus on consecutive attacks, either through restanding units, or calling multiple rear-guards.

List of Accel clans

List of cards with Imaginary Gift: Accel

Aqua Force

Card Name Clan Type
Blue Storm Dragon, Maelstrom Blue Storm Dragon, Maelstrom Aqua ForceAqua Force
Marine General of Raging Waves, Gondikas Marine General of Raging Waves, Gondikas Aqua ForceAqua Force
Navalgazer Dragon Navalgazer Dragon Aqua ForceAqua Force
Storm Rider, Diamantes Storm Rider, Diamantes Aqua ForceAqua Force

Gold Paladin

Card Name Clan Type
Battlefield Storm, Sagramore Battlefield Storm, Sagramore Gold PaladinGold Paladin
Great Silver Wolf, Garmore Great Silver Wolf, Garmore Gold PaladinGold Paladin
Incandescent Lion, Blond Ezel Incandescent Lion, Blond Ezel Gold PaladinGold Paladin
Raven-haired Ezel Raven-haired Ezel Gold PaladinGold Paladin
White Hare in the Moon's Shadow, Pellinore White Hare in the Moon's Shadow, Pellinore Gold PaladinGold Paladin

Great Nature

Card Name Clan Type
Armed Instructor, Bison Armed Instructor, Bison Great NatureGreat Nature
Pencil Hero, Hammsuke Pencil Hero, Hammsuke Great NatureGreat Nature
School Hunter, Leo-pald School Hunter, Leo-pald Great NatureGreat Nature


Card Name Clan Type
Covert Demonic Dragon, Mandala Lord Covert Demonic Dragon, Mandala Lord MurakumoMurakumo
Dueling Dragon, ZANBAKU Dueling Dragon, ZANBAKU MurakumoMurakumo
Dueling Dragon King, ZANGEKI Dueling Dragon King, ZANGEKI MurakumoMurakumo
Fantasy Petal Storm, Shirayuki Fantasy Petal Storm, Shirayuki MurakumoMurakumo
Stealth Fiend, Morote Surveillant Stealth Fiend, Morote Surveillant MurakumoMurakumo
Twin Swordsman, MUSASHI Twin Swordsman, MUSASHI MurakumoMurakumo


Card Name Clan Type
Detonix Drill Dragon Detonix Drill Dragon NarukamiNarukami
Detonix Stinger Dragon Detonix Stinger Dragon NarukamiNarukami
Dragonic Kaiser Vermillion Dragonic Kaiser Vermillion NarukamiNarukami
Duress Clap Dragon Duress Clap Dragon NarukamiNarukami
Great Composure Dragon Great Composure Dragon NarukamiNarukami
Landshocker Dragon Landshocker Dragon NarukamiNarukami
Scarlet Shutter Dragon Scarlet Shutter Dragon NarukamiNarukami
Thunder Break Dragon Thunder Break Dragon NarukamiNarukami
Eradicator, Gauntlet Buster Dragon Eradicator, Gauntlet Buster Dragon NarukamiNarukami

Nova Grappler

Card Name Clan Type
Asura Kaiser Asura Kaiser Nova GrapplerNova Grappler
Battledore Fighter Battledore Fighter Nova GrapplerNova Grappler
Beast Deity, Azure Dragon Beast Deity, Azure Dragon Nova GrapplerNova Grappler
Girly Dolly Girly Dolly Nova GrapplerNova Grappler
Glad Grat Glad Grat Nova GrapplerNova Grappler
Incise Raizer Incise Raizer Nova GrapplerNova Grappler
Meganton Poweredon Meganton Poweredon Nova GrapplerNova Grappler
Perfect Raizer Perfect Raizer Nova GrapplerNova Grappler
Savannah Wild Savannah Wild Nova GrapplerNova Grappler
Spinning Valiant Spinning Valiant Nova GrapplerNova Grappler
Ultra Beast Deity, Illuminal Dragon Ultra Beast Deity, Illuminal Dragon Nova GrapplerNova Grappler

Pale Moon

Card Name Clan Type
Artilleryman Artilleryman Pale MoonPale Moon
Barking Dragon Tamer Barking Dragon Tamer Pale MoonPale Moon
Golden Beast Tamer Golden Beast Tamer Pale MoonPale Moon
Gun Salute Dragon, End of Stage Gun Salute Dragon, End of Stage Pale MoonPale Moon
Nightmare Doll, Alice Nightmare Doll, Alice Pale MoonPale Moon
Visible Songster Visible Songster Pale MoonPale Moon


Card Name Clan Type
Ravenous Dragon, Gigarex Ravenous Dragon, Gigarex TachikazeTachikaze
Savage King Savage King TachikazeTachikaze
Tyrant, Deathrex Tyrant, Deathrex TachikazeTachikaze
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