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Force Marker

Force (フォース Fōsu) is a gift type balanced between offense and defense. It is represented by the color blue.

When you gain a Force gift, choose one of your (VC) or (RC), and put a Force gift marker on that circle (under any units on that circle). The two gift types associated with the Force icon are:

  • Force I: Units on that circle get [Power] Power icon.png+10000 during your turn. If multiple Force I gift markers are placed on a circle, the [Power] Power icon.png boost from each of them is cumulative.
  • Force II: The original [Critical] Critical icon.png of units on that circle becomes 2. Multiple Force II gift markers may be placed on the same circle, but their effects are not cumulative.

A Force gift marker is not considered a circle, card or unit while on the field, so it cannot be chosen by abilities and effects cannot be applied to it. However, the circle that the gift marker is on can still be chosen by abilities and have effects applied to it.

Units in Force clans tend to have a higher base [Power] Power icon.png than comparable units in clans of the other two gift types; while other clans have grade 2 units with [Power] Power icon.png 9000 and grade 3 units with [Power] Power icon.png 12000, Force clans have grade 2 units with [Power] Power icon.png 10000 and grade 3 units with [Power] Power icon.png 13000. This higher base power increases the defenses of Force clans as well as their offense, as units of other clans need more [Power] Power icon.png to hit with an attack.

List of Force clans

List of cards with Imaginary Gift: Force

BanG Dream!

Card Name Clan Type
Blue Rose Diva, Yukina Minato BanG Dream!
Sparkly Stage, Kasumi Toyama BanG Dream!
Important Friends, Ran Mitake BanG Dream!
On Stage! Kokoro Tsurumaki BanG Dream!
Growth of Feelings, Aya Maruyama BanG Dream!
"Phenomenal Diva" LAYER BanG Dream!

Bermuda Triangle

Card Name Clan Type
Animated Rooting, Marijan Bermuda Triangle
Aurora Star, Coral Bermuda Triangle
Captivating Originality, Gerlinde Bermuda Triangle
Chouchou Debut Stage, Tirua Bermuda Triangle
Clear Appeal, Seredy Bermuda Triangle
Colorful Pastorale, Canon Bermuda Triangle
Colorful Pastorale, Caro Bermuda Triangle
Colorful Pastorale, Fina Bermuda Triangle
Colorful Pastorale, Serena Bermuda Triangle
Colorful Pastorale, Sonata Bermuda Triangle
Consent Select, Beata Bermuda Triangle
Crystal Pop Star, Eve Bermuda Triangle
Diva of Atlantea, Iryna Bermuda Triangle
Full Full Appeal, Farlull Bermuda Triangle
Girlish Idol, Lyriquor Bermuda Triangle
Glaring Moon, Miera Bermuda Triangle
Graceful Prayer, Amie Bermuda Triangle
Happiness Heart, Lupina Bermuda Triangle
Heart Monopoly, Anezka Bermuda Triangle
Perfect Performance, Ange Bermuda Triangle
PR♥ISM-Image, Vert Bermuda Triangle
Refined Poiser, Urszula Bermuda Triangle
Rose Princess, Phalaina Bermuda Triangle
School Etoile, Olyvia Bermuda Triangle
Silver Singer, Cutire Bermuda Triangle
Star on Stage, Plon Bermuda Triangle
Sweetest Sister, Meer Bermuda Triangle
Perfectionist, Relenca Bermuda Triangle
Top Idol, Pacifica Bermuda Triangle
Top Idol, Riviere Bermuda Triangle
Unparalleled Ingenuity, Loura Bermuda Triangle
Velvet Voice, Raindear Bermuda Triangle

Dimension Police

Card Name Clan Type
Black-clad Top-tier Deity, Bradblack Dimension Police
Great Cosmic Hero, Grandgallop Dimension Police
Metalborg, Sin Buster Dimension Police
Miracle Beauty Dimension Police
Roaring Beast, Audion Dimension Police
Super Dimensional Robo, Daiarm Dimension Police
Super Dimensional Robo, Daikaiser Dimension Police
Super Dimensional Robo, Dailiner Dimension Police
Super Dimensional Robo, Daiyusha Dimension Police
Super Dimensional Robo, Daizaurus Dimension Police
Ultimate Dimensional Robo, Great Daiyusha Dimension Police

Gear Chronicle

Card Name Clan Type
Chronofang Tiger Gear Chronicle
Chronojet Dragon Gear Chronicle
Escrude Dragon Gear Chronicle
Grand Strike Dragon Gear Chronicle
Interdimensional Dragonknight, Lost Legend Gear Chronicle
Re-innovate Wing Dragon Gear Chronicle
Steam Fighter, Balih Gear Chronicle
Steam Gunner, Yarlaganda Gear Chronicle
Steam Lynx, Gudea Gear Chronicle
Steam Maiden, Engilsa Gear Chronicle
Upclutch Dragon Gear Chronicle


Card Name Clan Type
Braw Antler Dragon Genesis
Battle Deity of the Night, Artemis Genesis
Eternal Goddess, Iwanagahime Genesis
Gleaming Lord, Uranus Genesis
Neptunus of Pristine Flows Genesis
Oracle Queen, Himiko Genesis
Perseus of Probity Genesis
Quaking Heavenly Dragon, Astraios Dragon Genesis
Origin Deity of Heavenly Light, Uranus Genesis
Summanu of Divine Punishment Genesis


Card Name Clan Type
Crested Dragon Kagero
Crested Dragon Kagero
Cruel Dragon Kagero
Dragon Knight, Ishaq Kagero
Dragonic Blademaster Kagero
Dragonic Blademaster "Souen" Kagero
Dragonic Overlord Kagero
Dragonic Overlord the End Kagero
Dragonic Overlord the Great Kagero
Dragonic Overlord "The X" Kagero
Dragonic Waterfall Kagero
Dual Axe Archdragon Kagero
Exile Dragon Kagero
Embodiment of Victory, Aleph Kagero
Fire Rage Dragon Kagero
Lava Blast Dragon Kagero
Oddness-ardor Dragon Kagero
Shine Bardiche Dragon Kagero
Transcendence Dragon, Dragonic Nouvelle Vague Kagero
Wyvern Strike, Agaruda Kagero
Wyvern Strike, Agaruda Kagero

Link Joker

Card Name Clan Type
Alter Ego Messiah Link Joker
Aromatalber Dragon Link Joker
Claw of Occlusion, Ghastly Nail Link Joker
Decaydal Automata Link Joker
Docking Deletor, Greion Link Joker
Harmonics Messiah Link Joker
Knight of Entropy Link Joker
Penetrate Deletor, Iggy Link Joker
Schwarzschild Dragon Link Joker
Screening Deletor, Ydoga Link Joker
Star-vader, Infinite Zero Dragon Link Joker
Star-vader, Nebula Lord Dragon Link Joker
Topological Dragon Link Joker
Wandering Starhulk Deity, Brandt Ringer Link Joker
Wandering Starhulk Ruler, Brandt Link Joker
Waving Deletor, Greidhol Link Joker
Whitemarder, Jact Link Joker

Neo Nectar

Card Name Clan Type
Arboros Dragon, Sephirot Neo Nectar
Cornflower Flower Maiden, Ines Neo Nectar
Dream-spinning Ranunculus, Ahsha Neo Nectar
Exploding Tomato Neo Nectar
Fruits Assort Dragon Neo Nectar
Genteel Knight, Orvell Neo Nectar
Maiden of Iceberg Neo Nectar
Maiden of Trailing Rose Neo Nectar
Peony Musketeer, Martina Neo Nectar
Ranunculus Flower Maiden, Ahsha Neo Nectar
Royal Purple Flower Maiden, Marjana Neo Nectar
White Lily Musketeer, Cecilia Neo Nectar

Royal Paladin

Card Name Clan Type
Aerial Divine Knight, Altmile Royal Paladin
Aggregate Knight​, Firno Royal Paladin
Aggregate Knight​, Firno Royal Paladin
Anabasisheader Dragon Royal Paladin
Alfred Early Royal Paladin
Arc Saver Dragon Royal Paladin
Blue Sky Knight, Altmile Royal Paladin
Decorous Knight, Hengist Royal Paladin
Exculpate the Blaster Royal Paladin
King of Knights, Alfred Royal Paladin
Knight of Heavenly Spears, Agganips Royal Paladin
Knight of Longbow, Malcolm Royal Paladin
Majesty Lord Blaster Royal Paladin
Messianic Lord Blaster Royal Paladin
Monarch Sanctuary Alfred Royal Paladin
Powerful Sage, Bairon Royal Paladin
Solitary Knight, Gancelot Royal Paladin
Soul Saver Dragon Royal Paladin
Stardrive Dragon Royal Paladin
Stardrive Dragon Royal Paladin
Swordsman of the Explosive Flames, Palamedes Royal Paladin
Taintless Feather Dragon Royal Paladin
Unite Reet Dragon Royal Paladin

Shadow Paladin

Card Name Clan Type
Claret Sword Dragon Shadow Paladin
Danger-lunge Dragon Shadow Paladin
Dark Mage, Badhabh Caar Shadow Paladin
Dark Metal Dragon Shadow Paladin
Gust Blaster Dragon Shadow Paladin
Illusionary Revenger, Mordred Phantom Shadow Paladin
Knight of Foolhardiness, Lughaid Shadow Paladin
Knight of Severity, Dubdrenn Shadow Paladin
Onyx Dust Dragon Shadow Paladin
Phantom Blaster Dragon Shadow Paladin
Pulverize Knight, Daman Shadow Paladin
Revenger, Dragruler Phantom Shadow Paladin
Shadow Blaze Dragon Shadow Paladin
The Dark Dictator Shadow Paladin

Spike Brothers

Card Name Clan Type
Bad End Dragger Spike Brothers
Deadheat Bullspike Spike Brothers
Exceptional Expertise, Rising Nova Spike Brothers
General Seifried Spike Brothers
Gunwild Wolf Spike Brothers
Juggernaut Maximum Spike Brothers
Unite Attacker Spike Brothers