"Iwakura" (written as 執事 岩倉, (Shitsuji Iwakura, literally "Butler Iwakura") in the credits) is a side character in Cardfight!! Vanguard G. He is the butler of Kiba household, and personal butler of Shion Kiba.

He calls Shion "ぼっちゃま" (bocchama), which means "young master".


His name means "rock warehouse".


He is a kind person, and exceptionally loyal to Shion, acting as a father figure to him.

He also does not directly involve himself in his master's private affairs, showing his professionalism as a butler. However, he is always concerned with Shion's condition, and sometimes acts on his own to help his master, usually without anyone noticing.



During Turn 7, Shion has a flashback of when he finally beat Iwakura for the first time in a fencing match.

He is shown in Shion's flashback while Chrono is fighting one of Team Demise members, Sugiru Kariya. It is shown that Iwakura has been serving Shion since he was little.

After Shion's loss against Shouma, when Iwakura spars with him, Iwakura said that his swordplay showed hesitation.

It is shown in Turn 33 that Iwakura drives Shion everywhere, knowing his entire schedule, showing his experience in his job. When Chrono breaks into Shion's residency, he locates Chrono quite easily, even though the rest of the guards and their watchdogs failed to do so.



  • Iwakura is most likely his family name. If so, his real name is yet to be known.
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