Izaki's Lucky Stars (井崎邁進!必勝の星回り Izaki Maishin! Hisshō no Hoshimawari, "Strive Forward, Izaki! Destined for Victory" in the Japanese edition) is a clan event in Cardfight!! Vanguard ZERO, first introduced in July 2020.


  • 2020: July 10th (12:00) to July 20th (4:59) [JP]
  • 2020: September 15th (19:00 PDT) to September 25th (23:59 PDT) [Global]


  • This event introduces the Tachikaze clan.
  • All players receive these First Vanguards upon the start of the event.
  • The event is similar to character fights, where you fight Yuta Izaki multiple times to get Horoscope Books and Tachikaze Coins.
  • Instead of using stamina, event fight uses Challenge Ticket: Yuta Izaki, which can be farmed from Character Fights.
  • Horoscope Books (event currency drop) are then used to roll on the event-exclusive gacha, which only features Tachikaze cards.
  • Very Hard fight is only available once per day, need 0 tickets to enter, and yields 10 Engorge Crystals per fight.
  • Auto-fight and Quick Fight option is available, except in Very Hard mode, where there is no Quick Fight.

Event Gacha list

Name Grade Clan Type Rarity
Destruction Dragon, Dark Rex Destruction Dragon, Dark Rex 3 TachikazeTachikaze Trigger CFZIcon-Rarity-RRR.png
Military Dragon, Raptor Colonel Military Dragon, Raptor Colonel 3 TachikazeTachikaze Trigger CFZIcon-Rarity-RRR.png
Ravenous Dragon, Gigarex Ravenous Dragon, Gigarex 3 TachikazeTachikaze Trigger CFZIcon-Rarity-RR.png
Tyrant, Deathrex Tyrant, Deathrex 3 TachikazeTachikaze Trigger CFZIcon-Rarity-RR.png
Military Dragon, Raptor Captain Military Dragon, Raptor Captain 2 TachikazeTachikaze CFZIcon-Rarity-RR.png
Archbird Archbird 1 TachikazeTachikaze Sentinel CFZIcon-Rarity-RR.png
Chaos Dragon, Dinochaos Chaos Dragon, Dinochaos 3 TachikazeTachikaze Trigger CFZIcon-Rarity-R.png
Citadel Dragon, Brachiocastle Citadel Dragon, Brachiocastle 3 TachikazeTachikaze Trigger CFZIcon-Rarity-R.png
Assault Dragon, Blightops Assault Dragon, Blightops 2 TachikazeTachikaze CFZIcon-Rarity-R.png
Assault Dragon, Pachyphalos Assault Dragon, Pachyphalos 2 TachikazeTachikaze CFZIcon-Rarity-R.png
Cannon Fire Dragon, Cannon Gear Cannon Fire Dragon, Cannon Gear 2 TachikazeTachikaze CFZIcon-Rarity-R.png
Carrier Dragon, Brachiocarrier Carrier Dragon, Brachiocarrier 2 TachikazeTachikaze CFZIcon-Rarity-R.png
Military Dragon, Raptor Sergeant Military Dragon, Raptor Sergeant 1 TachikazeTachikaze CFZIcon-Rarity-R.png
Raging Dragon, Sparksaurus Raging Dragon, Sparksaurus 1 TachikazeTachikaze CFZIcon-Rarity-R.png
Transport Dragon, Brachioporter Transport Dragon, Brachioporter 1 TachikazeTachikaze CFZIcon-Rarity-R.png
Winged Dragon, Skyptero Winged Dragon, Skyptero 1 TachikazeTachikaze CFZIcon-Rarity-R.png
Raging Dragon, Blastsaurus Raging Dragon, Blastsaurus 3 TachikazeTachikaze Trigger CFZIcon-Rarity-C.png
Savage King Savage King 3 TachikazeTachikaze Trigger CFZIcon-Rarity-C.png
Savage War Chief Savage War Chief 3 TachikazeTachikaze Trigger CFZIcon-Rarity-C.png
Vacuum Mammoth Vacuum Mammoth 2 TachikazeTachikaze CFZIcon-Rarity-C.png
Assault Dragon, Circular Spino Assault Dragon, Circular Spino 2 TachikazeTachikaze CFZIcon-Rarity-C.png
Ravenous Dragon, Megarex Ravenous Dragon, Megarex 2 TachikazeTachikaze CFZIcon-Rarity-C.png
Savage Destroyer Savage Destroyer 2 TachikazeTachikaze CFZIcon-Rarity-C.png
Savage Warlock Savage Warlock 2 TachikazeTachikaze CFZIcon-Rarity-C.png
Winged Dragon, Slashptero Winged Dragon, Slashptero 2 TachikazeTachikaze CFZIcon-Rarity-C.png
Fortress Ammonite Fortress Ammonite 1 TachikazeTachikaze CFZIcon-Rarity-C.png
Savage Magus Savage Magus 1 TachikazeTachikaze CFZIcon-Rarity-C.png
Savage Warrior Savage Warrior 1 TachikazeTachikaze CFZIcon-Rarity-C.png
Sonic Noa Sonic Noa 1 TachikazeTachikaze CFZIcon-Rarity-C.png
Winged Dragon, Beamptero Winged Dragon, Beamptero 1 TachikazeTachikaze CFZIcon-Rarity-C.png

Event Exchange Store Items

Name Price Quantity Image
Unknown Eggs 100 90 CFZFurniture-Museum Eggs.png
Unknown Fossil 300 90 CFZFurniture-Museum Skull.png
Museum Didactic Panel 100 90 CFZFurniture-Museum Panel.png
Museum Spotlights 100 90 CFZFurniture-Museum Spotlight.png
Model Volcano 500 90 CFZFurniture-Museum Volcano.png
Gacha Ticket 2000 3 CFZItem-GachaTicket.png
Walls (Museum) 500 1 CFZFurniture-Museum Wall.png
Floor (Museum) 500 1 CFZFurniture-Museum Floor.png


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