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Kagero Emblem

Kagero (かげろう Kagerō, literally "Heat Haze") is a clan from the Co dragon.gif Dragon Empire nation, which has Imaginary Gift Force, and is one of the first two clans in the game. The clan is themed around fire-breathing dragons and dragon-mounted knights. It is the first regular army of the dragon nation.


Kagero's playstyle revolves around disrupting the opponent's field by retiring their rearguards. This synergizes with their units' abilities, as many of them activate when their opponent's rearguards are retired or when they have few rearguards. Kagero's offense is primarily centered around their vanguard, who often has threatening abilities that pressure the opponent.

Dragonic Overlord has the ability to auto stand by fullify certain condictions, as the attack don't hit or hit a rearguard, having four or less cards in the hand after an attack, also some allies can give more power or skills to Overlord in all its forms, also some of those allies needs having four or less cards in the hand.

Dragonic Blademaster, has the ability to retire all the oponent's rearguards when the conditions are fullied and call a vision token, a special token who can attack and getting twin drive. Some of the allies needs having a grade 3 rearguard to get power or skills meanwhile others need that the opponent don't have rearguards to activate the skills or get more power.

Kagero has access to the Imaginary Gift, Force, which they can use to further enhance the power of their vanguard, or increase the power of their rear-guards should the vanguard already be powerful enough.

Known/Notable Fighters



Name Type Description
Chimera Shared
Demon Shared
Dragonman Shared
Flame Dragon Unique
Golem Shared
Gillman Shared
High Beast Shared
Human Shared
Salamander Shared
Tear Dragon Shared
Winged Dragon Shared


Name Type Description
Blademaster Archetype
Overlord Archetype The title given to the dragon who stands at the pinnacle of might.

Sets Containing Kagero Cards

Booster Sets

Set Name No. of Cards
V Booster Set 01: Unite! Team Q4 17
V Mini Booster 01: PSYqualia Strife 18
V Extra Booster 06: Light of Salvation, Logic of Destruction 10
V Extra Booster 07: The Heroic Evolution 22
V Booster Set 08: Silverdust Blaze 22

Trial and Start Decks

Set Name No. of Cards
V Start Deck 02: 2018 Free Experience Deck "Kagero" 14
V Trial Deck 02: Toshiki Kai 15

List of Kagero Cards

Grade 0

Card Name Race Type
Angry Horn Dragon Flame Dragon Critical Trigger
Demonic Dragon Mage, Rakshasa Dragonman Critical Trigger
Dragon Knight, Jannat Human Critical Trigger/Sentinel
Dragon Monk, Genjo Human Heal Trigger
Embodiment of Spear, Tahr Demon Critical Trigger
Fright Lock High Beast
Lizard Runner, Undeux Dragonman
Lizard Soldier, Conroe Dragonman
Mother Orb Dragon Flame Dragon Heal Trigger
Red Gem Carbuncle High Beast Draw Trigger
Toxophilite Dragon Flame Dragon Draw Trigger
Wyvern Guard, Barri Dragonman Draw Trigger/Perfect Guard
Wyvernkid Ragla Winged Dragon

Grade 1

Card Name Race Type
Calamity Tower Wyvern Winged Dragon
Demonic Dragon Madonna, Joka Dragonman
Demonic Dragon Mage, Kimnara Dragonman
Dominance Dragon Flame Dragon
Dragon Dancer, Josee Human Perfect Guard
Dragon Dancer, Soja Human
Dragon Knight, Burj Human
Dragon Knight, Burj Human
Dragon Knight, Hishat Human
Dragon Knight, Nasser Human
Dragon Knight, Waleed Human
Dragon Monk, Gojo Gillman
Dragon Monk, Gojo Gillman
Dragonic Gaias Tear Dragon
Embodiment of Armor, Bahr Demon
Embodiment of Armor, Bahr Demon
Flame of Hope, Aermo Salamander
Flame of Scorching Heat, Gibil Salamander
Flame of Varied Change, Peklenc Salamander
Follower, Reas Human
Grapeshot Wyvern Winged Dragon
Great Bombing of Hellfire, Gabija Salamander
Guard Griffin Chimera Perfect Guard
Heatshot Dragon Flame Dragon
Instigate Griffon High Beast
Intense-aim Dragon Flame Dragon
Lava Flow Dragon Flame Dragon
Lizard Soldier, Raopia Dragonman
Nouvelleroman Dragon Flame Dragon
Purple Gem Carbuncle High Beast
Red Dive Griffin Chimera
Sabel Dragonewt Dragonman
Wyvern Strike, Garan Winged Dragon
Wyvern Strike, Membuas Winged Dragon

Grade 2

Card Name Race Type
Bellicosity Dragon Flame Dragon
Berserk Dragon Flame Dragon
Break Breath Dragon Flame Dragon
Burning Horn Dragon Flame Dragon
Burnrise Dragon Flame Dragon
Bursting Lance Dragon Flame Dragon
Chain-attack Sutherland Human
Demonic Dragon Mage, Keiten Dragonman
Demonic Dragon Mage, Sakara Dragonman
Dilmond of Dragon Spear Human
Dragon Armored Knight Human
Dragon Armored Knight Human
Dragon Dancer, Farja Human
Dragon Dancer, Frema Human
Dragon Full-armored Buster Human
Dragon Knight, Baqir Human
Dragon Knight, Fahim Human
Dragon Knight, Mukhtar Human
Dragon Knight, Nehalem Human
Dragon Knight, Nehalem Human
Dragon Knight, Zarina Human
Dragonic Burnout Flame Dragon
Dragonic Neoflame Flame Dragon
Dynamelt Dragon Flame Dragon
Embodiment of Shield, Lahm Demon
Flame of Destruction, Verbti Salamander
Genie Soldat Golem
Igniroad Dragon Flame Dragon
Meltstream Dragon Winged Dragon
Nouvellecritic Dragon Flame Dragon
Prowling Dragon, Striken Winged Dragon
Spillover Dragon Tear Dragon
Torridcannon Dragon Flame Dragon
Wyvern Strike, Dekat Winged Dragon
Wyvern Strike, Doha Winged Dragon
Wyvern Strike, Gajil Bird Winged Dragon

Grade 3

Card Name Race Type
Crested Dragon Flame Dragon Force
Crested Dragon Flame Dragon Force
Cruel Dragon Flame Dragon Force
Dauntless Drive Dragon Flame Dragon Force
Dragon Knight, Ishaq Human Force
Dragon Knight, Nizar Human
Dragonic Blademaster Flame Dragon Force
Dragonic Blademaster "Souen" Flame Dragon Force
Dragonic Overlord Flame Dragon Force
Dragonic Overlord the End Flame Dragon Force
Dragonic Overlord the Great Flame Dragon Force
Dragonic Overlord "The TurnAbout" Flame Dragon Force
Dragonic Overlord "The Victory" Flame Dragon
Dragonic Overlord "The X" Flame Dragon Force
Dragonic Waterfall Tear Dragon Force
Dual Axe Archdragon Flame Dragon Force
Exile Dragon Flame Dragon Force
Fire Rage Dragon Flame Dragon Force
Lava Blast Dragon Flame Dragon Force
Oddness-ardor Dragon Flame Dragon Force
Shine Bardiche Dragon Flame Dragon Force
Vortex Dragon Flame Dragon
Wyvern Strike, Agaruda Winged Dragon Force
Wyvern Strike, Agaruda Winged Dragon Force

Grade 4

Card Name Race Type
Transcendence Dragon, Dragonic Nouvelle Vague Flame Dragon Force

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