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Kagero (かげろう Kagerō, literally "Heat Haze") is a clan from the Dragon Empire nation, and one of the first two clans in the game. The clan is themed around fire-breathing dragons and dragon-mounted knights. It is the first regular army of the dragon nation.


Kagero is a clan that focuses on gaining advantage by retiring their opponent's units, making it harder for their opponents to mount a proper offense. Currently, they are the only clan in ZERO that can retire a Rearguard in the back row.  They are also the only clan currently that has the ability to negate the opponent's Intercept ability, allowing them to more aggressively deal damage to the opponent's Vanguard.  They are also currently the only clan capable of searching for a Sentinel to add to the hand if they use Lizard Soldier, Conroe as a starting Vanguard.

Known/Notable Fighters



Name Type Description
Chimera Shared
Demon Shared
Dragonman Shared
Flame Dragon Unique
Golem Shared
Gillman Shared
High Beast Shared
Human Shared
Salamander Shared
Winged Dragon Shared


Name Type Description
Overlord Archetype The title given to the dragon who stands at the pinnacle of might.

List of Kagero Cards

Grade 0

Card Name Race Type
Embodiment of Spear, Tahr Embodiment of Spear, Tahr DemonDemon
Gattling Claw Dragon Gattling Claw Dragon Flame DragonFlame Dragon
Lizard Runner, Undeux Lizard Runner, Undeux DragonmanDragonman
Lizard Soldier, Conroe Lizard Soldier, Conroe DragonmanDragonman
Red Pulse Dracokid Red Pulse Dracokid Flame DragonFlame Dragon

Grade 1

Card Name Race Type
Demonic Dragon Madonna, Joka Demonic Dragon Madonna, Joka DragonmanDragonman
Demonic Dragon Mage, Kimnara Demonic Dragon Mage, Kimnara DragonmanDragonman
Dragon Dancer, Lourdes Dragon Dancer, Lourdes HumanHuman
Dragon Monk, Gojo Dragon Monk, Gojo GillmanGillman
Embodiment of Armor, Bahr Embodiment of Armor, Bahr DemonDemon
Follower, Reas Follower, Reas HumanHuman
Grapeshot Wyvern Grapeshot Wyvern Winged DragonWinged Dragon
Iron Tail Dragon Iron Tail Dragon Flame DragonFlame Dragon
Lizard Soldier, Raopia Lizard Soldier, Raopia DragonmanDragonman
Scale Dragon of the Magma Cave Scale Dragon of the Magma Cave Winged DragonWinged Dragon
Wyvern Guard, Barri Wyvern Guard, Barri DragonmanDragonman Sentinel
Wyvern Strike, Jarran Wyvern Strike, Jarran Winged DragonWinged Dragon

Grade 2

Card Name Race Type
Berserk Dragon Berserk Dragon Flame DragonFlame Dragon
Blazing Core Dragon Blazing Core Dragon Flame DragonFlame Dragon
Chain-attack Sutherland Chain-attack Sutherland HumanHuman
Dragon Knight, Aleph Dragon Knight, Aleph HumanHuman
Dragon Knight, Nehalem Dragon Knight, Nehalem HumanHuman
Flame Edge Dragon Flame Edge Dragon Flame DragonFlame Dragon
Wyvern Strike, Gyuntulu Wyvern Strike, Gyuntulu Winged DragonWinged Dragon
Wyvern Strike, Tejas Wyvern Strike, Tejas Winged DragonWinged Dragon

Grade 3

Card Name Race Type
Blazing Flare Dragon Blazing Flare Dragon Flame DragonFlame Dragon Trigger unit
Crested Dragon Crested Dragon Flame DragonFlame Dragon Trigger unit
Dragon Monk, Goku Dragon Monk, Goku WarbeastWarbeast Trigger unit
Dragonic Overlord Dragonic Overlord Flame DragonFlame Dragon Trigger unit
Dragonic Vanisher Dragonic Vanisher Flame DragonFlame Dragon Trigger unit
Dual Axe Archdragon Dual Axe Archdragon Flame DragonFlame Dragon Trigger unit
Embodiment of Victory, Aleph Embodiment of Victory, Aleph DemonDemon Trigger unit
Exile Dragon Exile Dragon Flame DragonFlame Dragon Trigger unit
Graphite Cannon Dragon Graphite Cannon Dragon Flame DragonFlame Dragon Trigger unit
Seal Dragon, Blockade Seal Dragon, Blockade Flame DragonFlame Dragon Trigger unit
Sword Emperor, Dragonic Valblade Sword Emperor, Dragonic Valblade Flame DragonFlame Dragon Trigger unit
Vortex Dragon Vortex Dragon Flame DragonFlame Dragon Trigger unit

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