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Kamui Katsuragi is one of the main characters of the Cardfight!! Vanguard (V Series Anime), and is currently in his sixth year at Hitsue Elementary School. He is a powerful cardfighter who frequented a different card shop, but has since started visiting Card Capital. His Vanguard Circle is orange.


He is short for his age. He has very long, spiky, navy blue hair, with a ponytail in the back. He wears dark navy blue shorts, an orange long-sleeved shirt, and a brown vest jacket.


He is extremely arrogant, however his cardfighting skills are as great as he says they are. He tends to be loud and in people's faces, but becomes dumbfounded when Emi Sendou is around, as he is in love with her. His love for her is so great that he affectionately considers Aichi Sendou to be his big brother.


  • In Image 6, it is stated that Nova Grappler was not his original clan. However, it is unknown which clan was.
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