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Katsumi Morikawa is a minor character in the Cardfight!! Vanguard (V Series Anime), and is currently in his first year at Hitsue High School. He used to frequently bully Aichi Sendou. His Vanguard Circle is light yellow.


He is very boastful and proud of his strength, both as a cardfighter, and physically, as he gloats when he wins, complains when he loses, and would frequently bully Aichi Sendou. However, after losing to Aichi in a cardfight, and Aichi forgiving Morikawa for his actions, Morikawa has a change of heart, and they become friends.


He has jet-black hair spiked back into a v-shape, and light brown eyes. He usually wears the male school uniform for Hitsue High School.

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