I love nature! Kei Nagara!

—Kei Nagara, G Episode 2

Kei Nagara (なが ケイ Nagara Kei) is one of the supporting character in Cardfight!! Vanguard G. Alongside Karl Yamaji and Tsuneto Tado they make Team Trinity Dragon. His Fica level is at Grade 3.


Kei runs a Great Nature deck, using Famous Professor, Bigbelly as his Avatar card. His strategy revolves around powering up his rearguards, and using Omniscience Dragon, Managarmr to make it harder for the opponent to guard them.


In Stride Gate he improves his deck, now using more Bigbelly support. His deck now includes Sage-saint Professor, Bigbelly to massively increase his rearguard's power. He includes more ways to stand his high-powered rearguards, and frequently uses G guardians to quickly increase the amount of face-up cards in his G-Zone to get more power from "Sage-saint"'s effect.


In Next his deck focuses on his new avatar Teacher's Cane of Affection, Bigbelly, along with adding power to his rearguards and increasing his hand size.




  • (JP): Generation Zone, released! Untie the mysteries of life and unlock the truth of the world! Stride Generation!
  • (When using Omniscience Dragon, Managarmr's skill) (JP): Kindness brings abundance. Strictness brings the power to live! Bring the breath of life!
  • (EN): Liberating the Generation Zone! Reveal the mysteries of life and unlock the truth of the world! Generation Stride!
  • (When using Omniscience Dragon, Managarmr's skill) (EN): Kindness brings harvest. But adversity gives a strength to live! Give me the breath of life!


Record (Season 5)
Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Chrono Shindou, Tokoha Anjou & Shion Kiba Turn 20 Win (w/Tsuneto Tado & Karl Yamaji)
Tsuneto Tado Turn 32 Lose
Karl Yamaji Turn 32 Undetermined
Record (Season 7)
Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Sousuke Wakamizu Turn 40 Win
Ryutaro Oyama Final Turn Lose (w/ Tsuneto Tado & Karl Yamaji
Record (Season 8)
Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Naoki Ishida (Flashback) Turn 13 Undetermined
Tsuneto Tado (Flashback) Turn 13 Undetermined
Naoki Ishida (Flashback) Turn 13 Undetermined
Kazuma Shouji Turn 12-Turn 13 Lose
Record (Season 9)
Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Relics Turn 7 Win
Relics Turn 21-Turn 23 Win


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