Keter Sanctuary (ケテルサンクチュアリ Keteru Sankuchuari) is one of Cray's smallest nations, formerly known as the United Sanctuary.


An incredible civilization has been built from the fusion of holy magic and science. But, it has closed itself from the outside world while holding elitist views.

The Solitary Holy Nation
Once known as the "United Sanctuary", a sacred nation that valued justice and order. After the civil war and natural disasters, the land had become desolate, and so the descendants built the island "Keter Gear" in the sky and created a new country. The nation was divided in two: The island in the sky where the ruling class live and the ground below where the people live whilst gazing above.

Border Restriction System and the Reduction of Territory
"Keter Sanctuary" had been founded after much turmoil. Although its territory had shrunk after the civil war and natural disasters, advanced technology was used to construct an island in the sky with the current public order in a stable state. With minimal interaction with the other nations, they forge their own path.


Keter Sanctuary's playstyle varies for each of its Ride chains:

  • The Cloud Knights emphasize the use of Grade 3 cards, rewarding the player for running a high amount of Grade 3s in the deck with effects that empower those Grade 3s and grant them additional abilities. To compensate for the lack of Shield in Grade 3s, the Cloud Knights also feature a large amount of draw power and in some instances allow Grade 3s to gain Shield value.
  • The Sorceress series revolve around manipulating the Drive Check, they rearrange the top of the deck to increase the player's chances of drive checking Triggers, and have effects that activate when the player's Drive reveals a Trigger.

Known/Notable Fighters



Name Type Description
Abyss Dragon Shared
Angel Unique
Cosmo Dragon Unique
Elf Shared
High Beast Shared
Human Shared


Sets containing Keter Sanctuary cards

Booster Sets

Set Name No. of Cards
D Booster Set 01: Genesis of the Five Greats 24

Decks and Starter Sets

Set Name No. of Cards
D Start Deck 03: Tohya Ebata -Apex Ruler- 15

List of Keter Sanctuary cards

Grade 0

Card Name Race Type
Cycle Ring Sorceress Human Heal
Healer of Heavenly Staff, Arshes Elf Heal
Knight of Heavenly Bows, Base Angel
Knight of Heavenly Hammer, Gurgant Human Critical
Knight of Heavenly Pierce, Gallus Human Draw
Knight of Heavenly Rend, Lif Elf Front
Knight of Raise, Airfredo Human Draw
Light Dragon Deity of Honors, Amartinoa Cosmo Dragon Over
Tri Connect Sorceress Human
White Fang Witch, Disma Human Critical
White Raven Sorcerer, Taxus Human Front

Grade 1

Card Name Race Type
Aegismare Dragon Cosmo Dragon Sentinel
Divine Sister, Faciata Elf
Divine Sister, Tartine Elf
Knight of Heavenly Sword, Fort Human
Lifesaving Angel, Kurabiel Angel Sentinel
Painkiller Angel Angel
Platinum Wolf High Beast
Prescription Angel Angel
Shadow Bow Archer, Lisana Human
Swordsman of Heavenly Winds, Wechel Elf
Tier Square Sorceress Human

Grade 2

Card Name Race Type
Divine Sister, Pastelito Elf
Goldgaon High Beast
Knight of Heavenly Spear, Rooks Elf
Pentagleam Sorceress Human
Witch of Moon Rabbits, Rubinia Human

Grade 3

Card Name Race Type
Actual Analyst, Kokabiel Angel
Apex Ruler, Bastion Human
Dark Strain Dragon Abyss Dragon
Divine Sister, Lepisto Elf
Grand Heavenly Sword, Alden Human
Great Snake Witch, Solaria Human
Harp Bow of Heavenly Music, Alfion Elf
Hexaorb Sorceress Human
Hopeful Testudo Blitz Order
Knight of Broadaxe, Rafluke Human
Knight of War Damage, Fosado Elf
Remission Sword, Fanuel Angel
Swinging Sword of Judgement Normal Order
The Hour of Holy Judgement Cometh Normal Order
Vehement Witch, Ramana Elf

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