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Kourin Tatsunagi is a main character of the second arc of the Cardfight!! Vanguard (V Series Anime). She is a member of Ultra-Rare, and was co-founder of the Miyaji Academy Cardfight Club, before her fate as a Called Walker erased her from everyone's memories. During the fight against Wandering Star Brandt, she becomes the embodiment of Blaster Arrow, who is one of Monarch Sanctuary Alfred's strongest soldiers.


She is jokingly referred to as a "tsundere" by her friend and clubmate/classmate Naoki Ishida. She is strong and determined, but slowly becomes loving and defends her friendship and cherishes the bonds she created while at Miyaji Academy. She knows of her fate as a Called Walker, but she isn't deterred by it, being thankful for her friends for making her time at Miyaji Academy great. She was forced to become a PSYqualia Zombie, and struggled fought against its control, losing to it in the end, and regrettably forces Naoki to become a Zombie, who in turn makes Aichi Sendou into a Zombie. She is best friends with Misaki Tokura, and will likely miss her the most.


Kourin has long blonde hair, with half of her hair being tied up into a loop ending in a ponytail. She also has green eyes. She's mostly seen wearing either her Ultra-Rare uniform, or her Miyaji Academy school uniform.

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