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Kyou Yahagi is a minor antagonist of the first arc of Cardfight!! Vanguard (V Series Anime). Unlike his teammates, he has the ambition to take Ren Suzugamori's power for himself. He later lost his connection to Vanguard after being deleted, and tries to regain that connection. He succesfully does this by settling his grudge with Rekka Tatsunagi.


He is extremely arrogant, even moreso than Minami Kawanami. Due to his young age, he considers himself to be a prodigy. He won't hesitate to go all out on a cardfighter.


He wears a white, sleeveless button-up shirt, white arm sleeves, a black tie, and matching black pants and shoes. His hair is shoulder length and white, and his eyes are purple.


After losing against Aichi Sendou, he quit the Foo Fighter Organization.

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