Blaster Blade Liberator

"Liberator" (解放者リベレイター Ribereitā) is a series of cards that include "Liberator" in its card name exclusive of the Gold Paladin clan, and introduced in Trial Deck 8: Liberator of the Sanctuary. The Liberators feature re-imaginings of classic Royal Paladin units, such as Blaster Blade and King of Knights, Alfred. It also combines the playstyles of Gold Paladin and Royal Paladin.


Who are the Liberators?

The general term for those who had been chosen from the Second Regular Army of the United Sanctuary "Gold Paladin", entrusted with the mission to protect the nation and planet by His Majesty, the King of Knights himself. They were given the title of "Liberator", which carries the meaning of liberating everything from the clutches of evil. Those who bore the title were also referred to as the Guide into this new era. While it mostly consists of young warriors from the "Gold Paladin", there are also some veteran warriors from the "Royal Paladin" who were appointed to bear the title.

Related Background

Who are the Blaze Paladin?

The true identities of those who manipulate the bluish flame are the warriors of "Blaze Paladin". They were said to be the mightiest knightly order in the past, but their names were erased from the history for a certain reason. Since the world was on the brink of being distorted severely due to the disappearance of "Blaster Blade", "Zenon" the sage took a drastic measure. That is, to summon the substitute of the Light so that the distortion is reduced to the minimum.

The Lost Power of Bluish Flame.

The bluish flame utilized by the "Blaze Paladins" is not actually fire. The flame-like phenomenon is actually the manifestation of inner mana exerted forcibly by the power of armaments. The armament, once praised as the invention of the century, had been produced massively. However, the production was stopped since many villains made use of the armament, which provided excessively mighty power easily. Under the order from the King, all records related to the manufacturing of the armament were erased to prevent the armament from being misused in the future. Simultaneously, the name of "Blaze Paladin", who had accomplished outstanding achievements that could galvanize the world, was buried under the darkness of history.

List of "Liberator" Cards


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  • The kanji used for "Blaze Paladin" (青炎騎士団 Seien Kishidan) can be translated as "Blue Flaming Knights".

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