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Link Joker Emblem

"Link Joker" (リンクジョーカー Rinku Jōkā) is a clan from the nation of Co star.gif Star Gate, which has Imaginary Gift Force.


Link Joker focuses on limiting the opponent's ability to fight back. It does this via the Delete mechanic, which weakens the opponent's vanguard and removes their abilities, to make your attacks harder to defend. Aside from deleting the vanguard, the clan also binds the opponent's cards face-down, while the Starhulks can manipulate your ability to trigger check, or reverse trigger effects themselves.

Messiah and its followers put units face down in the field (lock) in its field to activate various effects or to make unlock taking more attacks, in the case of the Star-vaders can use the manipulation of the face down cards in the field (lock) in an offensive mode to placing face down cards in the opponent's field it can also demolish your opponent's Imaginary Gift to ruin any advantage or blocking the opponent to attack many times and having bonus by each locked card.

Link Joker uses the Force Imaginary Gift to capitalize on the opponent's vanguard being deleted, or their triggers being reversed with your increased power, or get more criticals to compensate the locked field.

Known/Notable Fighters



Name Type Description
Alien Shared
Cyber Beast Unique
Cyber Dragon Unique
Cyber Fairy Unique
Cyber Golem Unique
Cyberoid Unique
Messiah Shared


Name Type Description
Deletors Sub-Clan
Starhulk Sub-Clan
Messiah Sub-Clan
Star-vaders Sub-Clan

Sets containing Link Joker Cards

Booster Sets

Set Name No. of Cards
V Booster Set 04: Vilest! Deletor 18
V Extra Booster 06: Light of Salvation, Logic of Destruction 16
V Extra Booster 07: The Heroic Evolution 22
V Booster Set 08: Silverdust Blaze 24

Trial and Start Decks

Set Name No. of Cards
V Trial Deck 07: Kouji Ibuki 14

Extra Collections

Set Name No. of Cards
Special Series 05: Festival Collection 6
Special Series 09: CLAN SELECTION PLUS Vol.1 7
V Special Series 02: V CLAN COLLECTION Vol.2 7
V Special Series 04: V CLAN COLLECTION Vol.4 7

List of Link Joker Cards

Grade 0

Card Name Race Type
Asteroid Wolf Cyber Beast (race) Critical Trigger
Axino Dragon Cyber Dragon Critical Trigger
Beloved Child of Superstring Theory Cyber Fairy Draw Trigger
Blink Messiah Messiah Critical Trigger/Sentinel
Fine-edged Sword of the Silver Way, Gerg Cyberoid Draw Trigger
Flowers in Vacuum, Cosmo Wreath Cyberoid Draw Trigger/Sentinel
Juvenile Child of Virtual Particles Cyber Fairy Heal Trigger
Lady Healer of the Torn World Cyberoid Heal Trigger
Luminary of Ionization, Grubridge Cyberoid
Micro-hole Dracokid Cyber Dragon
Neon Messiah Messiah
Pulse Monk of the Quaking Foot Cyberoid Critical Trigger
Sprout Deletor, Luchi Alien
Starhulk, Lurli Alien

Grade 1

Card Name Race Type
Aharonov Cat Cyber Beast (race)
Bending Solid-hit, Vanmaanen Cyberoid
Black Star of Increase, Balerother Cyberoid
Blow Monk of Twin Foot Cyberoid
Breaking Deletor, Gatario Alien
Calderon Wing Cyber Fairy
Cathode of Collapse, Magnotear Cyberoid
Crunching Deletor, Baruol Alien
Destiny Dealer Cyber Beast (race)
Embroil Deletor, Jaega Alien
Enduring Deletor, Zeggurao Alien
Fatal Shockwave, Jetshaft Cyberoid
Ferment Deletor, Gaen Alien
Gravity Ball Dragon Cyber Dragon
Hard Sword of Polarization, Lagranjard Cyberoid
Hire Deletor, Farwon Alien
Ill-fate Deletor, Drown Alien
Iron Staff of Forbid Extinguish, Ilinvert Cyberoid Sentinel
Lady Battler of the White Dwarf Cyberoid
Looting Deletor, Gunec Alien
Mana Shot Star-vader, Neon Cyberoid
Manipulator of Gravity Fields Cyber Fairy
Manipulator of the Void Cyber Fairy
Opener of Dark Gates Cyber Fairy
Pile Deletor, Jaluel Alien
Prison Gate Star-vader, Palladium Cyberoid
Sharpened Loop of Despondency, Alnilam Cyberoid
Spinodal Dragon Cyber Dragon
Starhulk, Chiral Alien
Starhulk, Gicurs Alien
Star-vader, Craving Claw Cyber Beast (race)
Star-vader, Worldline Dragon Cyber Dragon
Stringent Deletor, Igelma Alien
Sunset Edge, Duskblade Cyberoid
Taboo Star-vader, Rubidium Cyberoid
Treasured Child of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Cyber Fairy
Unnatural Double Edge, Accrete Cyberoid
Wheel of the Galaxy, Cosmo Chaplet Cyberoid Sentinel

Grade 2

Card Name Race Type
Big Gunner of the Cataclysmic Variable Star Cyberoid
Binodal Dragon Cyber Dragon
Bisection Star-vader, Zirconium Cyberoid
Black Lightwhip, Flick Hitter Cyberoid
Blast Monk of the Thundering Foot Cyberoid
Bloating Deletor, Gio Alien
Boundless Torus, Duannulus Cyberoid
Brazen Deletor, Gougai Alien
Clipping Deletor, Evo Alien
Counterkill Strike, Gastorur Cyberoid
Envelope Panther Cyber Beast (race)
Evil Claw of Natural Laws, Delaval Claw Cyberoid
Gravity Collapse Dragon Cyber Dragon
Hailing Deletor, Alba Alien
Hailing Deletor, Elro Alien
Innocent Blade, Heartless Cyberoid
Lady Battler of the Black Dwarf Cyberoid
Lady Battler of the Gravity Well Cyberoid
Lady Fencer of Matter Transmission Cyberoid
Last Crust, Meranel Alien
Lemaitre Code Dragon Cyber Dragon
Lie-down Deletor, Given Alien
Metrial Fang Cyber Beast (race)
Remarkable Burst Monk Cyberoid
Shredding White Blade, Lapezium Cyberoid
Singularity Sniper Cyber Fairy
Star-vader, Colony Maker Cyber Fairy
Star-vader, Magnet Hollow Cyber Golem
Starhulk, Letaluk Alien
Straits Deletor, Gae Alien
Swift Deletor, Geali Alien
Unrivaled Star-vader, Radon Cyberoid
Whiteouter, Vect Cyberoid
Wriggling Deletor, Egbas Alien

Grade 3

Card Name Race Type
Alter Ego Messiah Messiah Force
Aromatalber Dragon Cyber Dragon Force
Claw of Occlusion, Ghastly Nail Cyberoid Force
Decaydal Automata Cyber Golem Force
Deep Scorpius Cyber Golem
Ditto Deletor, Baon Alien
Docking Deletor, Greion Alien Force
Harmonics Messiah Messiah Force
Knight of Entropy Cyber Golem Force
Nordstrom Dragon Cyber Dragon
Oblivion Quasar Dragon Cyber Dragon Heal Guardian
Penetrate Deletor, Iggy Alien Force
"Perfectus" Messiah Messiah
Schwarzschild Dragon Cyber Dragon Force
Screening Deletor, Ydoga Alien Force
Star-vader, Chaos Breaker Dragon Cyber Dragon
Star-vader, Infinite Zero Dragon Cyber Dragon Force
Star-vader, Nebula Lord Dragon Cyber Dragon Force
Star-vader, "Omega" Glendios Cyber Golem Force
Topological Dragon Cyber Dragon Force
Wandering Starhulk Ruler, Brandt Alien Force
Waving Deletor, Greidhol Alien Force
Whitemarder, Jact Cyberoid Force

Grade 4

Card Name Race Type
Genesis Machine Deity, Volkogode Cyber Golem
Wandering Starhulk Deity, Brandt Ringer Alien Force