Silver Thorn Dragon Tamer, Luquier

"Luquier" (ルキエ Rukie) is a series of Elf cards that include "Luquier" in its card name, exclusive to the Pale Moon clan, and introduced on Booster Set 7: Rampage of the Beast King. It is also part of the Silver Thorn sub-clan.


Dragon Tamers, the Living Witnesses of the Ancient Times

"Beast Tamers" and "Dragon Tamers" are now popular classes of Pale Moon. However, their abilities to control dragons and beasts are in fact modified from the power called "Tame", developed in the ancient times when great wars break out one after one, and the current techniques are very different from the pristine Tame. In times where Tame is frequently used, there were many users of the pristine Tame, including "Luquier", and they used this power to protect their villages and nations. Nevertheless, when the time of relentless great wars finally came to the end, some users of Tame had faced their natural death, and some users had fallen on the battlefields. The legacy of the past faded away with the flow of time. What happened to those who are still living? Many of them do their best to pass the modified techniques of Tame, augmented to suit the present times. This is perhaps their ways of rebellion, rebelling against the world which is forgetting its past, with the wish to "leave the traces that prove they once existed".

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