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Lyrical Monasterio (リリカルモナステリオ Ririkaru Monasuterio), abbreviated as Lyriste (リリステ Ririsute), is a nation on Planet Cray, carried by a gigantic flying whale.


The 6th Nation, The City-State
Bermuda Triangle was the only clan from the former nation Magallanica not to join into Stoicheia, taking a different path instead. That different path lead to the creation of the sixth nation separate from the other five, Lyrical Monasterio. What kind of changes have the divas undergone in this new era?

The Residents Living Within This Nation
There are many mermaids living in "Lyrical Monasterio" including those from the former Bermuda Triangle. However, the nation is in fact open to all races of the world, and it appears that women of various races, and backgrounds live here.


Lyrical Monasterio is a large and varied nation where each of its ride lines follows a very different playstyle:

  • The Alestiel line uses the Wings keyword to enable the use of two different types of effects depending on the grades of the cards in the bind zone, allowing the deck to change between two kinds of playstyles depending on which Wing is active.
  • The Earnescorrect line aims to gather five different Earnescorrect units to activate powerful abilities.
  • The Erminia line uses a new keyword ability.
  • The Feltyroza line repeatedly calls Ghosts during the battle phase to enable multi-attacking and reusing of on-place abilities.
  • The Fortia line uses a new keyword ability.
  • The Kairi line returns the player's rear-guards to the hand, then calls them again to enable multi-attacking and reusing of on-place abilities.
  • The Loronelol line uses Song cards to unlock their powerful abilities by singing them.
  • The Wilista line uses Gem cards, which are into the soul to enable other abilities, such as Soul Blast those Gem cards.

Known/Notable Fighters

To be added.



Name Type Description
Angel Shared
Demon Shared
Elf Shared
Dragoroid Unique
Ghost Shared
Human Shared
Mermaid Unique
Vampire Unique
Warbeast Unique


Name Type Description
Astesice Series
Earnescorrect Sub-nation

Sets containing Lyrical Monasterio cards

Booster Sets

Set Name No. of Cards
D Lyrical Booster Set 01: Lyrical Melody 120
D Lyrical Booster Set 02: Lyrical Monasterio ~It's a New School Term!~ 80

Decks and Starter Sets

Set Name No. of Cards
D Lyrical Trial Deck 01: Ahoy! Lyrical Monasterio! 15

List of Lyrical Monasterio cards

Grade 0

Card Name Race Type
Admired Dear Sister, Feltyrosa Vampire
Aplomb Sight, Grete Dragoroid Draw
Astesice, Kanami Mermaid Heal
Astesice, Mion Mermaid
Astesice, Misa Mermaid Critical
Blessing Diva, Grizael Angel Over
Brilliance in the Ore, Wilista Human
Demonic Fever, Garviera Demon Over
Dignified Will, Clarissa Dragoroid
Diligent Follower, Siguel Angel Draw
Smiling Dragon Scales, Ilze Dragoroid Critical
Everlasting Sapphire Normal Order/Gem
Face-Off and Overcome Blitz Order
Fantastic Fur-nale, Catrina Warbeast Over
Fluffy Siesta, Hilma Warbeast Draw
To Deliver a Song, Loronerol Warbeast
Habitual Truant, Pelageya Demon Front
Glee Singing, Tetuel Angel Front
Glutton, Nora Ghost Critical
Greatest Star, Esteranza Human Over
Knowledge as Power, Saskia Ghost Draw
Monochromic Personality, Alestiel Angel
Mysterious Twins, Romia & Rumia Mermaid Over
Original Style, Elshka Warbeast Critical
Peaceful Garden, Anika Warbeast Heal
Precious Tune, Edwige Mermaid Critical
Relaxed and Laid-back, Marguerite Ghost Heal
Running Youth, Haida Dragoroid Front
Snowskip, Parvi Warbeast Front
Soft Light, Pruel Angel Heal
Spiritoso, Richarda Ghost Front
Transparent Snowy Night, Beretoi Demon Draw
Truehearted Ruby Normal Order/Gem

Grade 1

Card Name Race Type
Amazing Growth, Rugena Human
Another Aubade in the Eternity, Irene Ghost
Astamission Talenor, Rugena Human
Appassionato, Justine Elf
Astesice, Nanami Mermaid
Beautiful Day Off, Feltyrosa Vampire
Beware of Overeating! Eileen Human
Blue-haired Genius, Lysius Demon
Classy Breeze, Harriet Human
Cloudless Heart, Miael Angel
Complete Rest, Melumar Elf
Courage to Step Forward, Bertille Mermaid
Delightful Encounter, Gertie Elf
Determined Cheerfulness, Sarka Dragoroid Sentinel
Diva of Refreshing Calm, Christine Mermaid Sentinel
Dreaming Eyes, Emmeline Human
Earnest Wish, Hanael Angel Sentinel
Earnescorrect Supporter, Leona Dragoroid
Earnescorrect Supporter, Trilby Dragoroid
Enthusiastic Lunch, Chantal Human
Fleeting Maiden, Hannelore Ghost
Fulfill Sweets, Angelma Ghost
Join Grasp, Ernesta Ghost
Indecisive Sky, Alestiel Angel
Innocent Happiness Set Order/Song
Little Lady, Helmina Ghost
Little Peace, Prael Angel
Lively Motion that Shakes the Skies, Maribuel Angel
Magnificent Timbre, Ludia Warbeast
Mini-live After School, Katina Warbeast
Moment of Tension, Katie Human
Munching Girl, Seeya Warbeast
Musical Committee, Nicolene Elf Sentinel
Next Step, Laplume Warbeast
Nonsensical Girl, Farserle Demon
Precise Curriculum, Libuse Warbeast
Proof of Effort, Wilista Human
Quiet Love, Elivira Demon
Reliable Senior, Aries Human
Scramble Sprint, Selma Mermaid
Serious Challenger, Clarissa Dragoroid
Sharing Happiness, Danael Angel
Soapy Splash, Riviena Warbeast Sentinel
Spokesperson of Heavenly Voice, Herjuel Angel
Spirit Recharge! Luisa Demon
Steady Steps, Pecoly Warbeast
Throbbing Search, Loronerol Warbeast
Unleash the Passion! Linnea Warbeast
Unwelcoming in Private, Desiel Angel Sentinel
Volunteer in Secret, Mazie Human
Wakey World, Elisa Warbeast
Wings With Rainbow Glow, Erimuel Angel

Grade 2

Card Name Race Type
Accurate Interval, Clarissa Dragoroid
Advent Stroke, Schedael Angel
Astesice, Kiyora Mermaid
Blossoming Vocal, Loronerol Warbeast
Brilliance and Elegance, Aerith Human
Charming Smile, Cecilia Demon
Cleaning Zone Normal Order
Crimson Runway Set Order/Song
Dance Score, Ermel Warbeast
Dedicated Serenade, Eleonore Ghost
Earnescorrect Member, Katalyn Dragoroid
Earnescorrect Member, Evelyn Dragoroid
Expanding World, Wilista Human
Fleeting Longing, Baruel Angel
Flowering Season, Rudy Mermaid
Flying Away, Cheluel Angel
Friendship, Hilda Elf
Grazioso Prince, Meredith Human
Greatest Competitive Spirit, Treyn Human
Head Groupie, Marleen Ghost
Heavenly Recital, Emmael Angel
Howling Ballad, Fanael Angel
Hair-braiding Aspiration, Heilwig Ghost
Kindness that Soaks in, Paraine Demon
Laid-back Older Sister, Audrey Human
Melting in the Moonlit Night, Mechthild Ghost
Mystic Voice, Renata Warbeast
Negligent Carelessness, Likkris Warbeast
Opposing Kindness, Virginia Human
Overserious President, Equinoa Human
Pouring Expectations, Ilta Human
Precise Word Sense, Flor Warbeast
Pure and Correct, Yakomina Human
Recorded Feelings, Romana Warbeast
Shining As-is, Alestiel Angel
Slight Slump?, Apelle Demon
Slow Kiss ―♡→, Nonna Demon
Staring at Love, Tirsuel Angel
Sweet×Sweet Normal Order
Sweet Tone, Kriemhild Ghost
Talent of Enjoyment, Feltyrosa Vampire
Twilight Sound of Waves Set Order/Song
Unbreakable Talent, Henrietta Human
Vibrant Symphony Blitz Order
Wings of Celebrity, Ernael Angel
Loaded Sentiments, Evelina Human

Grade 3

Card Name Race Type
Active Life, Jerrie Human
Stronger Yearning in the Heart, Florenzia Ghost
Aim to be the Strongest Idol! Normal Order
Archangel of Twin Wings, Alestiel Angel
Astesice, Kairi Mermaid
Brainy Prayer, Bibuel Angel
Capriccio of Circulating Star, Ingrid Ghost
Coming Beauty, Erminia Human
Downpouring Singer, Elkiel Angel
Earnescorrect Leader, Clarissa Dragoroid
Energetic Attendance, Calfy Warbeast
Lovable Dress, Lija Demon
Lovingly Watching Over, Otirie Warbeast
Luminescence Fountain Blitz Order
Midnight Lesson, Vannes Demon
MiMish, Fortia Warbeast
Natural Chirp, Merria Warbeast
Heartfelt Song, Loronerol Warbeast
Positive Singing, Louche Elf
Powerful Dash, Andora Elf
Prismagica, Wilista Human
Relaxed Conversation, Philomena Elf
Rondo of Eventide Moon, Feltyrosa Vampire
Scintillate Rays, Ophelia Human
Six-Flower Fractale Set Order/Song
Selfie Practice, Anneliese Ghost
Sophisticate, Theresia Warbeast
Tips of a Good Friend, Kukka Warbeast
Wish Granted by a Duo, Millia Human
Windy Harmonica, Tertes Warbeast
Worldwide Special Live Tour! Set Order

Grade 4

Card Name Race Type
Astesice×Live, Kairi Mermaid