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Blue Storm Dragon, Maelstrom

Maelstrom (メイルストローム Meirusutorōmu) are a series of cards that include "Maelstrom" in its card name exclusive to the Aqua Force clan. The first card was introduced in Booster Set 8: Blue Storm Armada, the series later received a new member in Booster Set 9: Clash of the Knights & Dragons, and received its first support in Booster Set 15: Infinite Rebirth. The series primarily focuses on effects that activate after a certain amount of battles, typically involving either retiring opponents' rear guards and drawing, or guard restriction. In G Booster Set 13 : Ultimate Stride, Maelstrom has a greater focus on putting cards into the soul from the drop zone to activate abilities.

All of the members of this archetype are also members of the Blue Storm archetype.

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