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Official marker Illust/齋藤タヶオ

Meer's Present (メーアの贈り物プレゼント Mēa no Puresento) is a mechanic exclusive to the Bermuda Triangle clan, and introduced in V Extra Booster 15: Twinkle Melody

Latest Card Text

(This represents Meer's Present, and cannot be put in a deck. This card cannot be normal called, and will be erased if superior called.)

How It Works

  • A Meer's Present marker is put into its owner's hand when it is generated by an ability, in a similar fashion to the Protect marker. While the Meer's Present marker does not have effects in and of itself, certain effects require the player to have Meer's Present markers to activate.
  • Meer's Present counts as a card (but not a unit card) while in the hand, and thus it can be chosen or referred to by effects and can be discarded for costs.
  • Because a Meer's Present is a pseudo-card, if is put into any zone other than the hand, it immediately ceases to exist.
  • Meer's Present cannot be chosen for a normal ride or normal call. Should Meer's Present be called as result of an ability, it immediately ceases to exist.

List of Meer's Present Generators

Grade 3

Card Name Clan Type
Sweetest Sister, Meer Bermuda Triangle Force
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