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Megacolony Emblem

"Megacolony" (メガコロニー Megakoronī) is a clan from the nation of Zoo. It is a crime syndicate made entirely of sentient insects ruled by their Queen, Evil Governor, Darkface Gredora.


What is Megacolony?

Megacolony is a criminal society of evil whose secret base is located somewhere in the verdant nation of "Zoo"! At the top of their organization is their boss they refer to as their "Queen", while their subordinates consist of loyal insect-like yet intelligent mutants and mechanically remodeled insects, meaning they have hordes of troops to fall back on! Armed robbery. Weapons and drug trafficking. Kidnapping. Smuggling. etc. They perform every conceivable systematic crime, they are an army of terror!

Although the police of every nation and security organization continues to search for the headquarters of Megacolony, they are masters of protective coloration, hiding things like an army of insects and their countless underground bases are simple tasks, discovering their true headquarters has been incredibly difficult.


Megacolony's playstyle involve slowing down the opponent's strategies. The main way they do this is by making the opponent's rear-guards unable to stand normally the next turn, which is referred to as "Paralyzing". Paralyzing prevents the opponent's units from boosting and attacking, and shuts down effects based on attacks. Later the clan becomes capable to paralyze the opponent's vanguard, which prevents the opponent from increasing their hand via drive checking unless they ride a new vanguard. This can also prevent the opponent from Striding because the G-Unit would be rested and still unable to attack. They also have a few skills that retire the opponent's grade 1 rear-guards to further reduce their boosting capacity.

In Cardfight!! Vanguard G, Megacolony now also focuses on giving the opponent's rearguards detrimental effects like letting you draw cards when they are rested or being unable to intercept. The keyword, Dark Device takes advantage of the opponent needing to rest their units to attack and punishes them for not leaving rear-guards for you to paralyze.

Darkface has an added focus on preventing the opponent's rearguards from receiving effects or be used for costs to make them even less usable and prevent the opponent from standing them with effects.

The Machining series use effects that involve having other Machining units in the soul and put more emphasis on Paralyzing the vanguard.

Known/Notable Fighters



Name Type Description
Insect Shared Intelligent invertebrates.


Name Type Description
Darkface Archetype
Giraffa Sub-clan
Machinings Sub-clan

Sets containing Megacolony cards

Booster Sets

Set Name No. of Cards
Booster Set 1: Descent of the King of Knights 4
Booster Set 2: Onslaught of Dragon Souls 4
Booster Set 4: Eclipse of Illusionary Shadows 17
Booster Set 15: Infinite Rebirth 13
G Booster Set 4: Soul Strike Against The Supreme 21

Extra Booster Sets

Set Name No. of Cards
Extra Booster: Comic Style Vol. 1 5
Extra Booster: Cavalry of Black Steel 10
G Technical Booster 2: The GENIUS STRATEGY 25
G Extra Booster 2: The AWAKENING ZOO 25

Extra Collections

Set Name No. of Cards
Fighters Collection 2014 1
Fighters Collection 2015 2
Fighters Collection 2015 Winter 2
Fighters Collection 2016 2
Revival Collection Vol. 1 3
Fighters Collection 2017 3
Revival Collection Vol. 2 3
V Special Series 01: PREMIUM COLLECTION 2019 2
V Special Series 07: PREMIUM COLLECTION 2020 2

List of Megacolony cards

Grade 0

Card Name Race Type
Awaking Dragonfly Insect Trigger unit (Stand)
Bad Drip Insect Trigger unit (Critical)
Childhood Command, Rosenberg Insect
Cocoon Healer Insect Trigger unit (Heal)
Earth Dreamer Insect Trigger unit (Stand)
Gourmet Battler, Relish Girl Insect Trigger unit (Heal)
Ingot Chafer Insect Trigger unit (Draw)
Larva Mutant, Giraffa Insect
Machining Bagworm Insect
Machining Bizarreness Insect Trigger unit (Draw)
Machining Bombyx Insect Trigger unit (Heal)
Machining Butterfly Insect Trigger unit (Critical)
Machining Cicada Insect Trigger unit (Stand)
Machining Firefly Insect Trigger unit (Critical)
Machining Honeybee Insect Trigger unit (Heal)
Machining Killer Ant Insect Trigger unit (Critical)
Machining Little Bee Insect
Machining Scarab Insect Trigger unit (Draw)
Machining Scorpion Insect Trigger unit (Critical)
Machining Snow Wing Insect Trigger unit (Heal)
Machining Treehopper Insect Trigger unit (Critical)
Machining Worker Ant Insect
Madame Mirage Insect
Makeup Widow Insect Trigger unit (Stand)
Medical Battler, Ranpli Insect Trigger unit (Heal)
Megacolony Battler A Insect
Megacolony Battler C Insect
Megacolony Battler F Insect Trigger unit (Critical)
Megacolony Battler G Insect Trigger unit (Stand)
Outstanding Mutant, Promularva Insect
Raider Mantis Insect Trigger unit (Draw)
Riddled Honey Insect Trigger unit (Critical)
Scissor-shot Mutant, Bombscissor Insect Trigger unit (Critical)
Sharp Nail Scorpio Insect Trigger unit (Critical)
Shelter Beetle Insect Trigger unit (Critical)
Sonic Cicada Insect Trigger unit (Stand)
Young Executive, Crimebug Insect

Grade 1

Card Name Race Type
Adherence Mutant, Black Weevil Insect Sentinel (Perfect Guard)
Bad Luck Star Insect
Black-spotted Flash Gun, Papilrae Insect
Brillian Blister Insect
Bullet Mutant, Pillbugler Insect
Elite Mutant, Tryghul Insect
Flowing Mutant, Twilight Madder Insect
Fluffy Beefly Insect
Gloom Flyman Insect
Hexagon Mutant, Honeycomb Queen Insect Sentinel (Perfect Guard)
Karma Queen Insect
Machining Black Soldier Insect
Machining Caucasus Insect
Machining Cricket Insect
Machining Hornet Insect
Machining Ladybug Insect Sentinel (Quintet Wall)
Machining Leafy Insect
Machining Locust Insect
Machining Mosquito Insect
Machining Slater Insect
Machining Tardigrade Insect Sentinel (Perfect Guard)
Machining Yellowjacket Insect
Megacolony Battler B Insect
Megacolony Battler D Insect
Megacolony Battler E Insect
New Face Mutant, Little Dorcas Insect
Paralyze Madonna Insect Sentinel (Perfect Guard)
Pest Professor, Mad Fly Insect
Phantom Black Insect
Pupa Mutant, Giraffa Insect
Rebel Mutant, Starshield Insect Sentinel (Perfect Guard)
Scarlet Venom Insect
Scissor Finger Insect
Stealth Millipede Insect
Toxic Soldier Insect
Vulcan Lafertei Insect

Grade 2

Card Name Race Type
A-rank Mutant, Gragiraffa Insect
Abyss Diver Insect
Black Spear Mutant, Bolg Wasp Insect
Bloody Hercules Insect
Buster Mantis Insect
Charming Mutant, Sweet Cocktail Insect
Cyclic Sickle Mutant, Aristscythe Insect
Elite Mutant, Giraffa Insect
Hypnotic Mutant, Hypnomoth Insect
Ironcutter Beetle Insect
Iron Fist Mutant, Roly Poly Insect
Lady Bomb Insect
Light Horn Mutant, Dangerous Horn Insect
Machining Armor Beetle Insect
Machining Dive Beetle Insect
Machining Hornet mk II Insect
Machining Mantis Insect
Machining Mosquito mk II Insect
Machining Papilio Insect
Machining Princess Insect
Machining Red Soldier Insect
Machining Tarantula Insect
Punish Stag Insect
Tail Joe Insect
Toxic Trooper Insect
Transmutated Thief, Steal Spider Insect
Vulgar Blister Insect
Water Gang Insect

Grade 3

Card Name Race Type
A-rank Mutant, Sangiraffa Insect
Bewitching Officer, Lady Butterfly Insect
Death Warden Ant Lion Insect
Despot Mutant, Arie Antoinette Insect
Evil Armor General, Giraffa Insect
Evil Governor, Darkface Gredora Insect
Hell Spider Insect
Intimidating Mutant, Darkface Insect
Intimidating Mutant King, Darkface Alicides Insect
Lethargy Mutant, Silk Sleeper Insect
Longhorn Hunter Insect
Machining Beet Atlas Insect
Machining Scorpion mk II Insect
Machining Spark Hercules Insect
Machining Stag Beetle Insect
Machining Tarantula mk II Insect
Machining Warsickle Insect
Martial Arts Mutant, Master Beetle Insect
Master Fraude Insect
Sky-slicing Rending General, Superior Mantis Insect
Undefeated Mutant, Avectro Zeus Insect
Unrivaled Blade Rogue, Cyclomatooth Insect
Violent Vesper Insect

Grade 4

Card Name Race Type
Carapace Mutant Deity, Machining Destroyer Insect G unit (Stride)
Dazzling Mutant Deity, Waspy Tail Insect G unit (Stride)
Deforestation Mutant Deity, Jaggydevil Insect G unit (Stride)
Dream Mutant Deity, Scarabgas Insect G unit (G guardian)
Evil Armor Mutant Deity, Goliath Insect G unit (Stride)
Feather Wall Mutant Deity, Morphosian Insect G unit (G guardian)
Force Spear Mutant Deity, Stun Beetle Insect G unit (Stride)
Guilty Empress, Darkface Gredora Insect G unit (Stride)
Lawless Mutant Deity, Obtirandus Insect G unit (Stride)
Master Swordsman Mutant Deity, Anguish Sword Insect G unit (Stride)
Merciless Mutant Deity, Darkface Insect G unit (Stride)
Mutant Deity Fortification, Grysfort Insect G unit (G guardian)
Oppression Mutant Deity, Machining Despot Insect G unit (Stride)
Pillaging Mutant Deity, Deprenor Insect G unit (Stride)
Poison Sickle Mutant Deity, Overwhelm Insect G unit (Stride)
Poison Spear Mutant Deity, Paraspear Insect G unit (Stride)
Seven Stars Mutant Deity, Relish Lady Insect G unit (G guardian)
Suppression Mutant Deity, Tyrantis Insect G unit (Stride)
Wild-fire Mutant Deity, Staggle Dipper Insect G unit (Stride)


  • This is one of only two clans, along with Bermuda Triangle, that consists entirely of one race (in this case, Insect).
  • Megacolony is one of the 13 clans which do not have at least one Яeverse unit.
  • As well as Pale Moon this clan has a card which appeared in the manga whose name was never revealed.
A unnamed Critical Trigger

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