Original V Series CF ZERO

Megacolony Emblem

"Megacolony" (メガコロニー Megakoronī) is a clan from the Zoo nation, which has Imaginary Gift Protect.


Megacolony is a defensive-control clan that focuses on interfering with the opponent's field. This is typically accomplished by preventing the opponent's units from standing during the stand phase and decreasing the power of their opponent's units, thus making it more difficult for them to both guard and retaliate. They also have several peculiar utility skills, such as gaining field advantage by calling rearguards from their soul as rest, nullify effects of opponent's units, searching their deck for grade 3s so they can reliably obtain Imaginary Gifts, milling the opponent's deck to get skills or power, stealing opponent's trigger when are checked and putting Cradle markers to opponent's unit to weaking its attacks and when the unit with marker are retired, you can get more cards from your deck.

Megacolony has the Protect Imaginary Gift, which allows them to consistently defend themselves as their opponent struggles to recover from their sabotage.

Known/Notable Fighters



Name Type Description
Insect Shared Intelligent invertebrates.

Sets containing Megacolony Cards

Booster Sets

Set Name No. of Cards
V Extra Booster 01: The Destructive Roar 22
V Extra Booster 09: The Raging Tactics 22
V Booster Set 10: Phantom Dragon Aeon 22

List of Megacolony Cards

Grade 0

Card Name Race Type
Aflutter Drafter Insect Draw Trigger
Jewel Flasher Insect Critical Trigger
Jocular Cicada Insect
Large Snowflake Mutant, Snow Trick Insect Heal Trigger
Larva Mutant, Larvadraf Insect Draw Trigger
Machining Worker Ant Insect
Medical Battler, Ranpli Insect Heal Trigger
Paralyze Madonna Insect Draw Trigger/Perfect Guard
Scissor-shot Mutant, Bombscissor Insect Critical Trigger/Sentinel
Sharp Nail Scorpio Insect Critical Trigger
Shelter Beetle Insect Critical Trigger
Young Mutant, Worectus Insect

Grade 1

Card Name Race Type
Area Stiller Insect
Bleble Bumble Insect
Brawny Jerk Insect
Cleared Breeze Insect
Crag Arm Crusher Insect
Delusional Mutant, Dazzle Moth Insect Perfect Guard
Disturbance Mutant, Morsiroro Insect
Flowery Tearer Insect
Fowling Net Mutant, Splaseizer Insect Perfect Guard
Giant Cannon Mutant, Tower Horn Insect
Karma Queen Insect
Machining Cybister Insect
Machining Hornet Insect
Machining Ladybomber Insect
Mutant Gentleman, High Class Moth Insect
New Face Mutant, Little Dorcas Insect
Phantom Black Insect
Powdery Dear Lady Insect
Small Captain, Butterfly Officer Insect
Spiteful Hopper Insect
Stealth Millipede Insect
Strong Acid Mutant, Gelled Slug Insect
Turbulent Signal Insect

Grade 2

Card Name Race Type
Beheading Mutant, Crimson Cutter Insect
Bloody Hercules Insect
Burner Ant Insect
Despoiling Mutant, Sticky Bolas Insect
Hatable Spot Insect
Heat Gun Mutant, Bratlaser Insect
Hiding Killerleaf Insect
Hitting Mutant, Horde Jewel Insect
Machining Mantis Insect
Machining Scatterhorn Insect
Melody Mutant, Nelnympha Insect
Nasty Smog Insect
Red Light Mutant, Flatray Insect
Spear-attack Mutant, Megalaralancer Insect
Vulgar Mutant, Stamping Red Insect
Water Gang Insect
Well-dressed Mutant, Algobillbug Insect

Grade 3

Card Name Race Type
Death Warden Ant Lion Insect Protect
Destruction Spear Mutant, Dovaspeed Insect Protect
Evil Governor, Darkface Gredora Insect Protect
Intimidating Mutant, Darkface Insect Protect
Machining Black Saturn Insect Protect
Machining Centipede Insect Protect
Machining Meteorbullet Insect Protect
Machining Ornamental Insect Protect
Machining Spark Hercules Insect Protect
Machining Stag Beetle Insect Protect
Pincer Attack Mutant, Intrude Scissors Insect Protect
Seven Colors Mutant, Stagger Seven Insect
Shredding Mutant, Killtrasch Insect
Strong Toxin Mutant, Hell Demise Insect
True Demonic Rifle Rogue, Gunningcoleo Insect Protect
Unrivaled Blade Rogue, Cyclomatooth Insect Protect
Worm Toxin Mutant, Venom Stinger Insect Protect

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