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  • Don't necro dead posts, especially one that's over a years old.

    Policy and Rulings: Comment Etiquette
    Please follow these rules when using this wiki, as breaking the rules can lead to penalties such as banning your account. Remember to see this as a preventive measure to keep a healthy environment rather than threats or punishments.
    ※ Spamming, Vandalism, Trolling, Inappropriate Language (including the usage of censoring words by replacing letters with numbers and symbols, removing letters, or using chat speak), Flaming, and other inappropriate behavior is strictly forbidden. If you're unsure if a word you used is banned, try out our filter check here.
    ※ Do not reply to posts older than a week or two unless necessary. Always look at the date of the post before posting. Responding to old posts may send spam e-mails reminding people that a comment has been added to the thread they follow.
    ※ Please refrain from posting about sensitive topics. There are many different kinds of people who visit this wiki, and each person may have different views. To avoid any unnecessary confrontations, we ask that discussions concerning religion, politics, or other controversial topics be mentioned lightly, or not all at (we understand that Bushiroad may take some world religions and cultures and turn them into Vanguard cards, but discussions about them should remain purely informational).
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  • Hi, this automatic message welcomes you to Cardfight!! Vanguard Wiki!

    Please note there are a few simple rules for all members:

    • Do not use inappropriate or bad language.
    • Do not reply to posts more than a week or so old. ("necroing")
    • Do not post the same comment/message in more than 3 places. ("spamming")

    If you need help with anything, you can leave an admin a message.

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