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  • Hi, would there be a way to set up a more direct way to communciate with you and the other admins, e.g. Discord? 

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    • Sadly no.

      We can arrange a way to talk outside of the wiki, but it's nothing official.

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  • Transcluded from This thread from buddyfight wiki, to get stuff where it belongs.

    the CFV wiki causes me this issues every few months when they have to change the template for new features

    Let me tell you, and all that concern, one thing: You, or rather, we, are taking the wrong approach by using one CardTable for everything. In extreme case, it can cause the entire template to collapse.

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    Spike Seyfried
    Spike Seyfried closed this thread because:
    Author request.
    13:09, September 22, 2019

    @Spike I feel bad for making you read all of this,so you don't have if you don't feel like it.If you were okay with my messages about Danganronpa from a while back,I won't get any more explicit with this than I did with those messages.

    This has been a long time coming.Before I talk about the game,let me talk about all the things that lead up to me playing it:

    After I finished watching DR2,and knowing that you're a fan of this franchise,I bought the 3ds port of the first game.That was a few months ago,when I was still in school and had exams coming,so even tho I bought the game I didn't have the time to play it.

    Last week I went on a trip and took my 3ds with me,thinking that I'd finally be able to play the game,since I didn't really have anything better to do on the trip.Problem was that I'm dumb and instead of taking my 3ds charger with me I took a second phone charger by mistake,so I only got to play through the first chapter before my battery died.This might have been for the better tho,since now we can talk about the game as I'm playing through it,instead of me playing the game by myself and only talking about it once I finish it,

    So,now that I've said all of that,here's my impressions of the first chapter of Corpse Party(I hope I still remember all the things I wanted to talk about):

    I didn't expect the game to have an opening nor voice acting,that was a really nice surprise.

    I'm liking the unsettling atmosphere a lot more than I thought,it's really fitting

    I've said before that I watched pewds' playthrough of the game a few years ago,but since then I've forgotten most of the plot,so right now I'm just redescovering all of it.There were a lot of moments where I went "oh,I remember this happening!".It's a really nice mix of nostalgia and discovering something new(since I don't play visuals novels all that often,especially something like this that was made in RPG maker)

    Some questions:

    What's the point of the survivor notes?I got all of them and got a wrong end.What's the point of adding a collectible to your game that just kills the player upon collecting all of it?

    Do I need to get all the wrong ends to trigger something?In the first chapter I got all of them but one(I'm assuming theres a wrong end if you reply "leave me alone" when Seiko and Naomi are fighting.I explored the areas pretty thoroughly and that's the only thing I didn't do that I can think of)

    What's the point of the name tags?I noticed that some of them are in optional areas,like that one in the classroom where you get locked in for like 1 minute before the doors opens up again(I got really confused at first and thought I needed to restart the game,Im glad I didn't )

    Is there some way to make sure I see all the relevant dialouge lines?at the end of the first chapter there's that line that implies Seiko likes Naomi,which I skipped the first time cause I didn't know I could go back to the previous area while playing as her( I replayed the last part of the first chapter cause I accidentaly skipped some dialouge during their fight and wanted to read it).I noticed that in some cases when the plot's about to progress the games prompts you with a textbox asking if you want to proceed.I guess the only way to make sure I see everything is to say "no",and go back and explore all the other areas before proceeding,but I also noticed that some story segments just start without any warning(like the chase scene in the infirmary),so I'm not really sure what the best approach is.

    I know this sounds nitpicky,but during that scene with the flesh and blood on the wall,where did the flies come from?If this is a different dimension where people get teleported to,how did the flies get in here?In the same vein as this,all the corpses that I took nametags from were just skeletons,where did all the flesh dissapear?I doubt bacteria can cleanly eat all the flesh off a corpse like that.Do these get explained at any point,or do I have to just roll with it?

    For the extra chapter that unlocked after finishing chapter 1,is there any way to get a good end right now?I tried interacting with everything in the bathroom in different orders,but nothing new seems to happen,and when I get out the bath I get a wrong end.I'm not really sure what I'm missing

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    • thinking about it,I think there were also some red spirits in one of the extra chapters that dealt you damage

      the funniest part is that in chapter 3,he was the ONLY character capable of lifting those things up.I guess going crazy made him forget how to use his hands to do that,he needs them to do.....something else now :P

      Oh,Yuuya's mentioned in the other games?I assumed he'd be gone now since he's sorta dead.

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    • Nah, he's too popular of a character to just be axed off.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Planning to buy a new phone, but not sure what to get.

    My budget is about 200 €, we have Samsing and Xiaomi phones.

    Any suggestions?

    Some of my picks currently are

    Right under budget, but only 2GB RAM, which won't age too greatly

    6.4 inches is a tad too big, but the rest checks out

    Slightly above budget, but seems to be my best bet

    Seems ok? Can't really find anything wrong with these

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    • It depends on what you want out of it I guess. When it comes to products I plan on using for a long time, I always try and go for the best, even if it’s out of budget by a bit

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    • C-Z

      Same with Drew. 

      But I'll just tell ya, I'm a samsung type a guy..

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    • Well, I generally want 3+ GB RAM, Gyroscope and smaller size (or rather, not big, I have a 4.8 inch atm, 5.5 is a huge jump, let alone 6.4, do not want)

      I'm just fishing for experience people have with their phones.

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