aka PeloxTheMaelstrom, didn't you read?

  • I live in the vanguard past. here we have Infinite Rebirth
  • My occupation is student (on stage)
  • I am evil, because i love guard restriction
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  • This blog is almost 6 years old. Don't respond to it.

    Policy and Rulings: Comment Etiquette
    Please follow these rules when using this wiki, as breaking the rules can lead to penalties such as banning your account. Remember to see this as a preventive measure to keep a healthy environment rather than threats or punishments.
    ※ Spamming, Vandalism, Trolling, Inappropriate Language (including the usage of censoring words by replacing letters with numbers and symbols, removing letters, or using chat speak), Flaming, and other inappropriate behavior is strictly forbidden. If you're unsure if a word you used is banned, try out our filter check here.
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  • I’ll just go through it all via bullet points:

    • If you’re worried people won’t see your deck lists, don’t. Just make a blog page. The button to make one is under the blog tag on your profile. People will see it. It’s just weird to see threads started with irrelevant stuff like a deck list that doesn’t even include the card, is all. Nothing rule breaking, but I hope you get what I mean.
    • The reason plenty of people will find your comment or blog no matter what is they (myself included) look at “recent wiki activity” which shows all recent comments, edits, and pages. It’s under the “explore” tag at the top there.
    • You mainly play the Italian format, correct? That’s at the end of season 3? If so, expect limited help here on the English wiki. It’s a different card pool entirely and thus would require an expertise most here wouldn’t normally have, as most would know English and Japanese format. And most here weren’t even around for that time. I was, but it’s been a good, long while since I thought about how to build decks in that era. You might be able to get effective advice here, but your best luck will probably be asking on Italian CFV messages boards or whatever sites the Italian community has set up.
    • New people editing a bunch looks suspicious because that’s what vandals do. They go to places, mess them up, and then when they get banned they move on to the next place. People who have been in a community a while tend to not just suddenly up and put up profanites on pages for laughs, so it doesn’t looks as suspicious. Just helping you understand the perspective of why the admins reacted to your edits the way they did. You didn’t do anything wrong. You were just the equivalent of a teenager with shifty eyes going straight to the back of a store lol.

    To reiterate, you haven’t done anything wrong. This is just advice to help make your time here better. People will have different opinions than I (I honestly doubt that many, though, since I just feel a lot of this is common sense, but whatever). Feel free to take it or not to.

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    • thanks, but in any case this website is unique in everywhere in the wordl so there's NOTHING organized in my country. AT ALL. i'll be here like a pain in the neck for the admins/content moderator, tell them that i'll be quiet as i can and i'll advice on Vere's wall if i'll do some change

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  • Hi, this automatic message welcomes you to Cardfight!! Vanguard Wiki!

    Please note there are a few simple rules for all members:

    • Do not use inappropriate or bad language.
    • Do not reply to posts more than a week or so old. ("necroing")
    • Do not post the same comment/message in more than 3 places. ("spamming")

    If you need help with anything, you can leave an admin a message.

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    • Everything checks out. Just don't mass edit/do multiple edits. It seems suspicious, and makes it hard for staff to monitor edits since you're new.

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    • sorry. as Vere said, i'm new here so i really could be confuse about the rules. thanks for the patience

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