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  • I tried running the lyrics of one of my favorite songs through google translate. The results were hilariously bad. Need help please for this. I understand roughly half the lyrics already, but I'd like to be sure. Including vid with the song if that makes this any easier. Thanks in advance

    【東方】 GET IN THE RING - あや。-0

    【東方】 GET IN THE RING - あや。-0

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    • On the flowing(1) street, these days, everyone---

      are incurably busy with encounters and separations.

      The admirations and envy you had diposed of,

      Don't tamper them as platitude pretty stories.

      "Today" starts over again, erasing the "Yesterday".

      If you hate it, you should jump into it yourself.

      The vague ideals confuse us,

      making us wanna retire, asap.

      In the reality which accelerates unstoppably if left uncontrolled,

      We wanna light up our undefeatable ways of lives.

      In the future which piles up with no way outs,

      Left behind, I wait for the bus alone.

      Even if the world stops expanding one day,

      There is totally no reason to stop moving.

      The cut-off fragment of the cowardice wind blown in my heart, 

      I can thrust away, at my own speed.

      We, though keep repeating the same mistakes, go forward,

      Because we have no time to spare on looking back.

      In the deluge of brutal fantasies that burst upon us,

      Don't get drowned, don't give up.

      ---Faster than the divine wind, both as storm and as billows---

      Go for it

      Whenever the colourful sweet flags bloom again, we become stronger,

      Surpassing even the tears, definitely

      The time is the sunny seventh month (3), the new greenness dancing in the sky,

      Feeling the wind caressing our cheeks, be Higher

      (1) 流行 could mean "popular" or "epidemic", but in this case, I suppose the meaning is "flowing", referring to the constantly flowing streams of people walking on the streets

      (2) 彩芽吹く: I suppose that is a combination of 彩芽(sweet flags, calamus, aka 菖蒲) and 芽吹く(budding, blooming).

      By the way, 彩 is pronunced as Aya, sharing the same pronunciation of Aya Shameimaru's first name.

      (3) 文月晴れ: I suppose that is a twist of 五月晴れ (Sunny May), turning May into 文月 (an artistic name of the seventh month).

      By the way, 文 is the kanji of the first name of Aya Shameimaru.

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  • Q&A King of Knights, Alfred

    Help translate this.

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  • Vanguard V --- Ep. 3&4

    Help translate this.

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  • Hey, it's been a while, hope you're doing alright on your end. Anyway, another translation request, this is just from a mini-manga that was included in one of my model kits. Kotobukiya Asra Archer, if you're wondering.
    IMG 20180425 220959
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    • Trivia: Ideon is made by Tomino Yoshiyuki, who made Gundam prior to Ideon (or is the other way around?), hence the dark tragedy theme.

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    • Oh, did not notice that.

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  • Vanguard V --- Ep. 1&2

    Help translate this.

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    • Nagisa, Gouki, Leon and Koutei? That's such a weird team...

      Although it explains V-EB02, so Nagisa might play GB.

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    • EP1 Stand Up, Vanguard!

      The shy boy Aichi Sendou had his important card taken by his classmate, Katsumi Morikawa. Aichi pursued Morikawa, and entered the card shop "Card Capital".

      EP2 Ride the Vanguard

      Aichi and Kai fought for "Blaster Blade". Kai fought while teaching Aichi the rules, but he noticed a smile on Aichi's face.

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  • VG
    Help translate this.
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    • Oracle Think Tank -Protect-

      "Oracle Think Tank" is good at drawing cards, and it has the advantage of drawing Perfect Guards easily, but Protect makes them even stronger in defense. A surplus of cards in hand also means there is no worry for costs of Perfect Guards. That said, you cannot win by simply defending, and we would expect outstanding attackers that would lead to victory.

      Megacolony -Protect-

      "Megacolony" reduces its opponents' number of attacks by sealing their chances of standing, so it can be said they have the best affinity with Protect. Holding Protect in your hand while sealing your opponents' front row rear-guards allow you to stop all their attacks. If you make your opponents waste a turn meaninglessly, you have the advantage in tactical positions and physiological moods!

      Granblue -Protect-

      "Granblue" was less "prepare-slowly-and-steadily" in G Series, but steady gains of Perfect Guards through Imaginary Gifts are likely to change their tactics. You would have less concern when your Perfect Guards drop to drop zone, so you can construct your main deck that focuses on offence.

      Dark Irregulars -Protect-

      For the current "Dark Irregulars", it is the "Blade Wings" that carry the image of Protect, but what kind of abilities they would get in G Series? In case of "the existing Dark Irregulars" style of power-ups in regards to soul, it is possible to exploit Protect by buidling a deck without Sentinels, constructing a deck which "focuses on soul charge and offence".

      Royal Paladin -Force-

      "Royal Paladin" is good at calling rear-guards from the deck, so Force suits them well. A circle with two or more Forces is good to greatly power up the rear-guards called from your deck. As you can also choose to give the Imaginary Gift to your vanguard circle, the variety of tactics is charming.

      Kagero -Force-

      "Kagero" decks are classical control decks, and it's common they employ "restanding vanguards" as finishing moves. So, by placing Force on vanguard circles, one can maximize their merits. We are happy to wait for the coming ability of "Dragonic Overlord".

      Spike Brothers -Force-

      The playstyle of "Spike Brothers" involves returning the rear-guards to the deck during a battle phase, and calling new units to deliver continuous attacks. If there is a circle with two or more forces, the continuous attacks will be greatly empowered. It's pleasing just by imagining this scene! The romance and manliness of dealing tremendous damage at the right chance is likely well-preserved in the new series.

      Dimension Police -Force-

      To "Dimension Police" which values the power of vanguards more than anything else, this clan has the best affinity with Force. In the past, the clan faced the bottleneck of high power requirements for vanguards to activate abilities, but these requirments would be fulfilled easily by overlapping multiple Forces. If vanguard-restanding abilities like "Commander Laurel" still exists in the new series, that would be even more fantastic!

      Shadow Paladin -Force-

      In G Series, "Shadow Paladin" was well-known for "calling rear-guards from the deck". But "Shadow Paladin" in the new series is about Ren's deck. So the clan may go for "sacrificing rear-guards to empower vanguard". If you focus on calling rear-guards from the deck, place your Powers on rear-guard circles; if you focus on empowering your vanguard, place your Powers on your vanguard circle.

      Nova Grappler -Accel-

      The theme of "Nova Grappler" is "number of attacks", so the clan's affinity with Accel is good in terms of images. If you just look at Imaginary Gifts, Force seems stronger, but the effects of Front Trigger is great! To maximize the Power of Accel, you would need to fill them with front row rear-guards. There may be problems in terms of low number of cards in hand, but this ability will be easier to use if there are follow-ups.

      Tachikaze -Accel-

      "Tachikaze" is good at retiring your own rear-guards and "revival calls", and it is a clan that requires delicate tactics despite its wild look. Accel as their Imaginary Gift is powerful, but it can only be fully utilized if you don't make mistakes about the timings of retiring and revival calls. It is expected this clan will require its user to display more tactical thinkings.

      Murakumo -Accel-

      The charm of "Murakumo" is its ability to call "clones" from the deck, so they have an exceptional affinity with Accel. In G series, the number of rear-guard circles was limited, so there were units with texts like "this card can attack a vanguard from the back row". By increasing the number of rear-guard circles using Accel, you can call "clones" as many as you like. Even there may not be a change in number of attacks (when compared to G series), there is likely an increase in offence power.

      Aqua Force -Accel-

      "Aqua Force" values the number of attacks, so they can be said to have the best affinity with Accel which increases their rear-guard. You can increase the number of attacks by filling more front row rear-guards, and it is possible to fully utlize the "Power+10000" by the ability of changing positions (of rear-guards). You would have to consider the number of cards in hand and the existence of front triggers when preparing your attacks, but there are greater merits.

      Pale Moon -Accel-

      "Pale Moon" is good at deploying rear-guards from the soul, so they have an advantage of using Accel without spending cards from hand. Also, with more circles, the case of "overwriting-calls" is less likely, that's pleasing. One would also like to utilize the "Power+1000" by abilities that "return rear-guards to soul and call units".

      Imaginary Gifts and Pale Moon in Premium Standard environment

      You can construct decks just for P Standard, but simply with "Standard Deck"+"G Deck" would change the playstyle a lot. Taking "Pale Moon", the favourite of the writer, as an example. There are less overwriting-calls due to "Masqurade Master, Harri" and "Dreamiy Axel, Milward", and there are more attacks and higher attack power. Because Imaginary Gifts are "when-ride abilities", they could combine well with Stride, and the increase in Triggers' power make Triple Drive even more enjoyable.

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  • Sorry but I would like I ask this, I read the lores of Alter Ego Neo Messiah, it says it is the new form of "Dragon Deity of Creation, Messiah", is it referring to Harmonics Messiah? If yes, is it another name for Harmonics Messiah? Thanks.

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    • All the Messiah cards are supposed to be the different forms of the same individual Messiah. "Dragon Deity of Creation" is Messiah's title, just like Gyze's title "Dragon Deity of Destruction". 

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  • New Lore

    Help translate this.

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