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  • "Translation" is a misleading parameter, but that option is meant to display other ways cards have been referred to, or for direct translations. Based on the kanji, and not the hiragana, it could also be read as "Original Governor", however, in the Aqua Force lores, the term is "Marshal" instead, and thus "Original Marshal" or in this case, "Founding Marshal".

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    • Let's not argue on what looks better or whatsnot; it's not going anywhere.

      EDIT: Also, honestly, if I come to yugioh wiki and complain about all the formats there, you'll not see me in good light, no? That's what you're building here, and that's not a good step. You'll be seen as an intruder.

      A good way of doing it is to rise through the rank and give a suggestion on changing format, in which we usually do. Once your suggestion is approved, no one is going to complaint.

      Otherwise, it'll end up with your edits getting reverted right and left, and there's nothing you can say about it.

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    • About time this edit drama came to a head

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  • Hi, this automatic message welcomes you to Cardfight!! Vanguard Wiki!

    Please note there are a few simple rules for all members:

    • Do not use inappropriate or bad language.
    • Do not reply to posts more than a week or so old. ("necroing")
    • Do not post the same comment/message in more than 3 places. ("spamming")

    If you need help with anything, you can leave an admin a message.

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